Nokia N800 A Beautiful Personal Internet Phone

I just ordered a Nokia N800 , though i first ordered a Nokia 6300 but later within hours cancelled that order before the shipment was made and ordered for a Nokia N 800 seeing its awesome internet related features and the unique design. Nokia also announced many more phones like the Nokia N76 but this […]

Google Acquires the planet Earth for a record $590.6 billion

Search engine firm, Google has agreed in principle to acquire the planet Earth for a record $590.6 billion in cash and assets. The takeover tops Google’s recent deal for the web advertising network, Doubleclick for a paltry $3.1 billion. “With the completion of our Google Earth project, we have analyzed every square mile of this […]

Tata Indicom Broadband VSNL Sucks

I Personally have gone through very bad experience with Tata Indicom when i applied for this Broadband connection for my office and home. Here is one Tata Indicom Broadband Review and in the comments you can find how bad their service is. I also have Airtel Wireless Connection for my lappy which i use while […]

Tips for Getting Quick Visitors from Search Engines

Here is my personal Tip on how to get instant visitors from the search engines like to a brand new domain which is not even indexed and needs indexing. This website was purchased on 3rd April evening today after 72 hours and 2 blog posts i have got 15 unique visitors from with […]

Make Money with your Images using Brite Pic

Adbrite has come out with a new awesome feature called Brite Pic , which is a service where in you can make easy money or say monetise your images traffic. There are many websites owners who run wallpapers based website and brite pic is the best solution for them, because it shows ads on the […]