Sorry i dont sell Text Link Ads on this blog

I got 3 requests from the last 2 days about buying advertising space on this blog and 2 of them were via email and 1 was via yahoo messenger and i had to reject their offers because after this october page rank update and page rank reupdate iam totally against people trying to buy/sell text […]

Disqus Comment Forums System for Blogs

Disqus is a service developed by Big Head Labs from San Francisco which was founded by Daniel Ha and Jason Yan. It is a blog forum where you can discuss on the topics of your blogs and reply to other commentors. Features of Disqus : Forum backend — Expand discussions by starting new topics beyond […]

Yahoo Messenger 9.0 friend happy design

Yahoo team has now upgraded the yahoo messenger 8 version to version 9.0 beta, which offers many excellent services and is specially designed to meet the vista requirements in terms of design. This new version offers more space for your friends, has options to show/hide online friends, each friend on your messenger list with each […]

Best Open Source Social Networking CMS Award

Packtpub yesterday announced the final results of the best open source CMS and as expected wordpress, has won this award. Packt is pleased to reveal that WordPress is the first winner of the 2007 Open Source CMS Award, picking up the best Open Source Social Networking Content Management System. In a very close category, WordPress […]

One Laptop Per Child 100$ XO Laptops Priced at 200$

The One Laptop Per Child mission started by laptopfoundation is now in the completion stage with the planned 100$ laptops to be launched from November 12th 2007 onwards. What is this One Laptop Per Child Mission (OLPC)? Our mission is to provide a means for learning, self-expression and exploration to the nearly two billion children […]

Paypal offers Withdraw Funds directly into Indian Banks

Paypal just offered another excellent feature to become a leading payment processor in india by adding directly funds withdrawal option in indian banks which previously was just limited to US banks. Currently only 2 countries ie US and India are allowed to use this feature as far as i know from the withdrawal page of […]

Top Social Bookmarking Websites List

There is always a chance that you will forget the website you visited a hour back and which is the reason the browsers are integrated with a bookmarks feature, which help you to bookmark the website, so you can visit them later anytime, but what is the case when you are on a public computer […]

Worlds Richest Man is Mukesh Ambani from Reliance

I just read this from many other news source which mentioned that our indian business magnet has become the worlds richest man today ie October 29th 2007. Here are some source for the news – Billionaire Mukesh Ambani today became the richest person in the world, surpassing American software czar Bill Gates, Mexican business tycoon […]

Paypal Increases Monthly Withdrawal Limits to 20000$

Just checked my paypal account and found that paypal has increased the monthly withdrawal limits for everyone. Previously the limits were just 2500USD/month but now its increased to 20000USD/month may be because of some RBI notifications. Also the paypal withdrawal to credit card funds is working sucessfully now, make sure you read the whole process […]