Nokia Aeon – Will these Concept phones ever come out?

This concept phone from Nokia’s research and development team was said to have two touch-sensitive panels mounted on a fuel-cell power pack. The complete phone is virtual and the panels can be used for voice calls/ sending messages and enjoying the musical experiance from any panels. It can also merge itself into other local products […]

Guide on how to Copyright or Copy Protect your Content

There are many a times when many of my websites original content was copied by others and this gave my websites a lot of revenue loss. The point is that when you write some content on your own which is not copied then you have some rights over it and no one can copy it. […]

Hyundai i10 Automatic Transmission Car

Hyundai i10 the car of the year 2007 which was launched in november is now going to launch a automatic version where in you wont need to shift gears while driving and this car would be more beneficial to ladies and older aged segment because shifting gears would generally be complicated. Hyundai i10 Pricing and […]

Christmas Holiday Doodle from Google for Happy Holidays

Did you check out these Holiday Logo’s from Google on the search homepage today? They represent the holiday season in holiday theme with some beautiful logo’s. Here is the complete list of this year’s holiday logo’s from Google! You can find the complete list of Holiday Logo’s from Google here

Worlds Smallest Bible Silicon chip based Nano Bible

Crystal bible – A bible which is based on silicon chips is currently the world’s smallest which stores millions of characters, and hundreds of pages of information and data on a very small chip, data support, or small limited surface. The complete bible is engraved into a small crystal using the nanotechnology. The bible is […]

Christmas Special Snowfall Plugin Falling Snow on your Blog

Here comes christmas and you would have already activated the Christmas Wordpress Themes which would give your blog a beautiful christmas theme and you can run it till the New Year. Here is a Plugin which offers another Christmas effect on your blog named as the Christmas Snowfall Plugin, which shows some falling snow on […]

Automatic Internal Tags Link Building in Wordpress for better SEO

Do you have the latest version of wordpress on our blog? If yes you can find the in built Tags feature which can be used in each of your blog posts. Now you can use these tags as a great Internal pages link building tools but using a wordpress plugin called as – Wordpress Plugin […]

Corrupted Files? Wipe data on NTFS hard drive file system

Do you have corrupted files on your computer? Are you always feeling insecure about the data on your computer? First you need to check out the corrupt system files on your computer for impaired files or reinstall your windows or may be get a new hard disk drive because of all this frustration. You can […]

Nokia N96 A Combo of N81 and N95 Mobile Phones

Here are some pics of the upcoming Nokia mobile phone – the Nokia N 96 which has the looks and features of Nokia N81 and Nokia N95 , though it cannot beat the Nokia N99 Mobile Phone features. The rumours have been that this phone would have a 7.1 Mp high quality camera though which […]