Acer TravelMate 6292 Laptop Review

There are notebooks which are specific for corporate users and while looking for such notebooks the user has to change his perspective. In consumer notebooks the features which consumers look for are style, multimedia and entertainment; whereas corporate users look for reliability, build quality and flexibility – with security often thrown in as an added […]

Reliance IPTV Review

In India, there are so many people who don’t have lots of entertainment opportunities. These are the people who always resort to television to watch some program of their choice to spend some quality time while getting entertained. IPTV is another step towards providing entertainment to all those people who don’t have many things to […]

What is The Reverse DNS

It is a contrast to forward DNS and set up by configuring pointer record in a particular DNS server. The forward DNS uses address records. While registering a domain name with a domain registrar one does have the responsibility for the forward DNS domain. The company that allows you to make your IP addresses will […]

Amit Bhawani Interview : In Newspapers again

Today was a very busy day for me because a newspaper in hyderabad published about Search Engine Optimization and my blog. Last time they posted about HostBrains Web Hosting company which i run and offer web hosting services. This article was posted in the center edition of the Hyderabad edition and this is the section […]

What is mini SD card

A removable and portable memory device of a small size that is used in many gadgets such as MP3 players, digital cameras, cell phones and mobile phones etc. The announcement of the introduction was made by Sandisk Corporation in on the march 2003. It was demonstrated on the same year on CEBIT. In the same […]

Dell Latitude E6400 Laptop Review

Dell Latitude E6400 is a new addition to the various portals which are being marketed all over the world. This product has special utilities and is also in large demand. These products were launched recently and we have to concentrate on building up the business of this product line which is very vital for the […]

Dell Vostro 1710 Laptop Review

Dell Vostro 1710 is made for next generation small businesses. It is a high efficiency laptop with customized features with a choice of software and promises to deliver an easy to use technology, flexible connectivity and a sleek and stylish look. Dell Vostro 1710 is equipped with the following specifications: • Intel Celeron 550(2.0GHz, 1M […]

What is TCP Optimizer

It is the program in which 1-click acceleration is provided to your internet connection by the help of optimizing the internet registry setting. Having seen this question that straight away arises to your mind, is that whether it is for real or not. If you want to know it in short, the answer is yes, […]

Linksys WAG200G Wireless-G ADSL 2+ Router Review

If your facing problems while using the old Internet connection, then the best solution for your problem is to switch your internet connection to Linksys WAG200G. It is a wireless-G ADSL gateway and the people using this internet connection can get connected to about four systems at once with the help of 4 port Ethernet […]