Free PowerPoint Templates Multiple Categories

Looking for free powerpoint templates? Then check out where you can find 300 free powerpoint templates directly available for download. You can get 30 different templates on each of the following categories and backgrounds. Microsoft powerpoint is a software which is a part of microsoft Word office package using which you can create beautiful […]

Advanced HTML and XML Free Sitemaps Generator

If you are looking for a sitemap generator which offers you with custom sitemap generation tools with the flexibility of creating html and xml sitemaps in a colourful and custom navigation you should check out A1 Sitemap Generator. I wanted to give a test with this software to check out how it works and performs […]

Download Free Nero 9 CD/DVD Burning Software

In order to burn a new CD/DVD Disk you need a application which can help you in easy setup and burning process and this is when you will start using Nero which is a software that generally comes bundled with the CD/DVD burner you buy. Now Nero is offering a free version 9 which you […]

Common Hard Drive Failures

Do you own a computer? If you do, have you ever experienced a crash of your system’s hard drive? I am sure that it is a terrifying and frustrating experience. This is because if the data of the computer cannot be read due to hardware problem then the computer is of no use to us. […]

ICICI Bank Bankrupt Rumours Baseless

Even though there were many rumours on ICICI bank Bankruptcy, the biggest loser on this issue were not the account holders but the company ICICI India ltd because they were getting serious pressure from the media and investors and everyone was waiting for a response from their end on this issue. Here is Press Release […]

ICICI Bank India Bankrupt Story

ICICI Bank India falls to a 52-week low and there are rumours all over the world that says that ICICI is going to follow Lehmann Brothers Inc of USA which is filing for bankruptcy. Also Meryl Lynch has been sold out & AIG has been bailed out by Federal reserve which is a very reason […]

How to Record Gtalk or Yahoo Messenger Voice Chat Calls

Solicall is a software which offers you with special features like noise reduction, noise cancellation and noise suppression with a service where in you can decrease the background noice while making phone calls online. Also called as the Personalized Noice Reduction Technology, its a service which is very important for people using products linked with […]

How to Add/Submit your site to Yahoo

Yahoo search does not really push in huge traffic but still its generally claimed to be the #2 traffic sender in terms of traffic from search engines after google search. Yahoo is also very quick in finding/tracking the backlinks to any website/page and this you can find out using the command. Lets discuss about […]

What is Webmaster?

A webmaster is referred to as the person accountable for maintenance as well as creation of design for the purposes of coding as well as smooth functioning of a website. As far as personal website is concern, the webmaster is equipped with the domain of the website. Small businesses frequently employ some in house employee […]