LG U880 Mobile Phone Review

I have been asking myself the question who is unfortunate in this case is it the phone or the company it’s self. You might be wondering what case so he it goes, when LG released this phone on to the market they were labeling it to be the slim 3G music phone and the unfortunate […]

LG U8138 Mobile Phone Review

If you are that kind of person that wants your phone to have something extra in terms of looks and functions then the LG u8138 is the phone for you. The phone is a clamshell type flip phone. The phone is ultra light as it weighs a mere 124 grams. Accessories that come with the […]

Forgot Wordpress Logins? How to Reset/Recover your passwords

If you are a wordpress blog CMS user then its obvious that you would have forgotten your blog wp-admin logins. There are originally 2 ways to recover it. Option 1 : Request Password Reset Option 2 : When option 1 does not work out you should go for this by resetting the password via phpmyadmin […]

Samsung F480 Mobile Phone Review

Samsung are an innovative company, their main aim is to continuously meeting the diverse demands of the consumer. The company’s maturity and inspiration derived from the life styles of today’s consumers has led the creation of models like the Samsung F480 TouchWiz. The F480 is a compact device with a touch screen that will certainly […]

How to Add “My Computer” in Windows Desktop & Taskbar

If you are a windows xp/vista user and if you are looking to save up some of your time by making quick shortcuts then here is a quick tutorial for the same. My Computer is one of the most used option by PC users and you would need a shortcut to the same from the […]

LG U8150 Mobile Phone Review

This is the latest phone from LG that is a third generation phone. It is the latest of the LG u 81 00 series. If you live in the United Kingdom you can only get the phone exclusively with orange. The phone is a traditional clamshell design with a sleek metal finish and it has […]

How to Recover/Reset Gmail Password

If you are a gmail user, then iam sure you would have gone through gmail login problems which would be any of these two – 1. Forgot Gmail Password 2. Password Does not work Here is a small tutorial on how to get started when you are in this kind of situation. The first step […]

Samsung E900 Mobile Phone Review

Since the early nineties, Samsung has been producing phones and now have given us the Samsung E900. This is a cool mobile slide phone to have. The E900 is a sophisticated phone with an outstanding design. It oozes technological advancement with its QVGA TFT screen. The attractive Samsung E 900 combines business with leisure turning […]

Samsung D900 Mobile Phone Review

The superslim D900 defeats the definition of wow! This supersexy sliding phone will make you fall completely head over heels in love with it. The slide design is perfect and silky smooth. The phone is even thin and beats the Motorola RAZR at just 13mm. The appearance is exceptional with its magnesium surface coating and […]