Make Money With Twitter – Killer Ideas

You would have seen many many ways of Making Money with Twitter recently because of the growing popularity of Twitter. Out of these iam sure not many worked for most of the Twitterers because everything does not work for everyone and only the smart people can make the most out of nothing, because they try […]

How to take Screenshots in Apple iPhone or iPod Touch

Do you own a Apple iPhone? Whether its Locked or UnLocked you can still take screenshots in your Apple iphone. You dont need a digital camera to take some beautiful high quality snaps. Its a very simple option inbuilt in your handset, you dont need any apps for getting this done. Make sure you have […]

How to Take Screenshots in Android Phone

So you are the proud owner of the big Android phone which fully packed with features and offers the users with the latest technology. You want to take screenshots on the phone, which is quite hard when compared to taking screenshots in Apple iphone. Here is the process for solving this problem and how you […]

How to Add Tweet This in your Blog Posts

Do you want your blog readers to tweet your blogs & pages? This can help you in promoting your blog posts because twitter can help you in gaining traffic from the links posted there. The blog post url are shortered using service. Normally other services like TwitterFox etc would shorten your links using […]

Take Multiple Websites Screenshots at a time

Do you want to take a screenshot of multiple websites at a time in order to save up some of your valuable time? Check out Grab Them All a firefox Addon which should be installed on your browser to get started. Its a very good tool when you want to take screenshots of multiple URL […]

Reorder Taskbar Buttons & Close Programs Taskbar Shuffle

Are you looking to organize all the currently opened programs in your windows taskbar? Then its time you need to install this tiny application on your computer called as the Taskbar Shuffle which is a very simple and useful utility in rearranging the windows taskbar buttons. Features of Taskbar Shuffle : Reorder your taskbar buttons […]

Auto Shrink Posted Images to Maximum Theme Width

If you are using wordpress blogs, then you are familiar with the default theme which is a theme full of features, though its not liked by many because of the looks. In the Default Wordpress theme whenever you upload any images of any width , they are automatically resized to the theme’s maximum width, not […]

Show Upcoming Future Posts on Blog Sidebar

Do you run a Wordpress based where you have made some posts in schedule which will be published when the date comes? Do you want to show these upcoming blog posts on your blog sidebar then its possible using Upcoming Posts Widget which should be uploaded & activated followed by adding the widget on your […]

Free Online Watermark Tool with Text & Box Transparency

If you are looking to add watermark to Images which were photographed by you in order to make sure no one others can use them, then check out Watermark Tool which is a online watermarking software completely free and instant. The Online tools allows you to personalize the image with different watermarking options like Text […]