Unlock Apple iPhone 2G 3G with Turbo Sim

Ever heard of those Dual Sim based mobile phones which come with a feature of running 2 SIM cards in a single mobile phone handset. All the devices like HyperCard, HyperSim, China3GPP, StealthSim, MagicSIM etc come under this category where in the physical EEPROM device is actually installed over the normal SIM card on your […]

1TB Hard Disk Drives Review

What are 1 (one) Terabyte Hard drives Computers are meant for processing vast amounts of data in a relatively short time with a freer access to all the data. This means that the computer must have access to databases stored in physical storage devices that can store electronic data in a vast amount. Starting with […]

What is eSATA

The modern storage facilities available for computers are many and varied. There are many interfaces used to connect these cards to the host computer or portable notebook. Of the varied cords used to interface these storage facilities, the Serial ATA (Serial Advancement Technology) is one of the most modernised and highly used cables. SATA hard […]

What is PCMCIA Card

Laptop computers have become a very efficient mode of mobile computing today. Many of them fill in the communicative networking’s that make cell phones indispensable along with the superior processing power of personal computers. Most new laptops and notebooks have built in wireless connectivity options, but there are some who still do not have wi-fi […]

Jailbreak iPhone 3.0 firmware with Pwnagetool 3.0

Apple released the iPhone 3.0 firmware and also the iPhone 3G S which comes with the latest firmware, but the old iPhone 3G phones once upgraded with the new firmware would lose the network if it was an unlocked phone earlier. And the dev team has released the first tool to unlock the 3.0 firmware […]

Decision Based SE Bing Vs Hunch Decision Engine

Microsoft claims Bing to be a better wau to search instead of the normal search engines because it helps you make your decisions in a better way , but does it really perform and help you decide whatever you are looking for? Iam sure your answer is No because Bing is not more than a […]

Apple Airport Extreme Review

Apple has had a long tradition of being the most competent device manufacturers around that present both high quality performance along with the minimalist, well suited design that has become the norm of the day. With the Apple Airport Extreme wireless access base, Apple has strived to and achieved what they had started off with […]

Are Web Directories Useful for Top Search Engine Rankings

Recently a blog visitor asked me a question whether he can submit his new blog on technology and gadgets to different web directories and the top search engine rankings. There are many webmaster forums like digitalpoint.com, sitepoint.com webmaster-talk.com etc where daily hundreds of people announce their new web directories which are mostly based on phpld […]

Reverse DNS Information – DNS Lookup Tools

The Domain Name Servers make Internet Protocol (IP) addresses into human-readable format such as “http://xyz.com”. The DNS have a huge repository of all domains, linking them to their characteristic IP address. Thus, when we type in an address in the URL (Universal Resource Locator) bar of any browser, we are actually asking the DNS to […]