How to Make your Computer faster

Computer is a wonderful technology that helps us to do many things. With the advent of net the usage of computers has increased tremendously. You can find computers not only being used in offices and companies but almost in every field including for domestic purposes. These days many people own either a PC or a […]

X-mini iHome Speaker for iPod iPhone & Laptops

X-mini iHome Capsule Speaker Review Everything about my iPhone is great except the output sound which comes through it because iPhone does not have any great sound output and i never love to listen music or view videos on my Apple iPhone. This is the same stuff with the Dell Mini & HP Mini Laptop […]

Migrate from Windows XP or Vista to Windows 7 Easily with PCmover

When i ugraded to Windows Vista on my Laptop from Windows XP 2 years back, i had to just insert the Licensed Windows Vista Installation CD into my Laptop and continue with the upgrading procedure, but this is not the situation with Windows 7, because there is no option for you to upgrade from your […]

Evolution of iPod – 2001 to 2010 Apple iPod Timeline

The world’s best-selling music player has changed a lot from the time it got launched to the current period. The day it got launched ie October 23, 2001 the whole world was amazed with this awesome Gizmo which was in a white colour panel with 5Gb Memory Hard Disk to store upto 1000 songs along […]

Change Domain Restore Search Engine Rankings & Content

I have two websites which are on the same niche and have similar content, but only 1 of these is performing great in the Search Engines and the other website is almost dead with no visitors from the SE’s and iam planning to shut it down to make sure i don’t have to worry about […]

Download Songs, Videos & MP3 Legally at Review

Finally the service which was announced long back as Bsnl Hungama is now launched with a monthly subscription based service where you can download songs at a affordable price of just 99Rs/month which is around 2$/month. You get access to around 1,00,000 Audio Songs, 20,000 Video Songs & 50,000 Mobile Wallpapers all at this small […]

Restore Yahoo Messenger Trillian MSN & Gtalk Password

Many a times you save the Instant Messenger Passwords on the IM Applications and later forget the passwords, and this has also happened to me personally too. From the past 3 years i have forgotten my Yahoo Messenger Password of one of my important email account but iam not able to recall it and not […]

How to Flush the DNS Cache

Domain Name Server (DNS) names are the IP (Internet Protocol) addresses of the servers that have a very large repository of practically all the internet addresses inside their vaults. These servers handle the job of translating the normal plain English Universal Resource Locators (URL’s) into their IP addresses so that the browser can understand and […]

Google Talk Vs Google Talk Labs Edition

Here is a quick difference between the two different versions of Google talk offered by Google. You can get a quick glance before really trying out these two software’s and based on these you can plan out which application can be useful to you. Google Talk Setup – 1.5Mb Google Talk Labs Edition Setup – […]