Verify your IMEI & Implant IMEI in Chinese Mobile Phones

Today is the final day when all the chinese mobile phone handsets which were having no IMEI numbers would get cancelled and after this only the handsets which got the Genuine IMEI numbers would be working and others would be cancelled. If you are worried about your handset then you should check out for the […]

How to Create a Facebook Fan Page

To get visitors to your blog you need to find out different ways and one of the free way is promotion through social media sites like In this article iam going to show you how to build a Facebook Fan Page which would help you in building lot of FANs who would regularly read […]

What is email Phishing Scam and How to Avoid them

To understand what is Phishing you need to think about scammers who scam normal people out of their money. Phishing is a way using which scammers trick internet users out of their personal details and also financial details after which they take ownership of email accounts. In order to make you understand this in a […]

How To Succeed In Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the practice of rewarding an affiliate (comprising a person, group of people, company or organization) by a business for the number of customers or visitors brought to it through the affiliate’s marketing efforts. In simple terms, it is the paying of commission for referring customers to a particular business. This is primarily […]

Monitor RAM Usage with Memory Cleaning Tool – Memory Cleaner

Does your computer hang regularly when you are use multiple applications which include high resource using software’s like Mozilla Firefox, FTP Programs etc, and the only solution offered by your PC Seller is that you need to upgrade either your complete PC or else your RAM to the maximum compatible RAM. Once you install this […]

Make Windows XP Look like Apple Mac OS X Leopard with Transformation Pack

Last time i had written a article in which we had made Windows XP Look like Windows 7 which really worked perfect and gave the ultimate looks of a Windows 7 based computer and this time iam going to give you a link to such a application which would transform your total computer which would […]

How to Extract Text from Images Online & PDF Files

Recently i had received a report from a company which had stats on the best laptops which was sent by a media company and while reading the report i thought to share a part of the stats with all my blog reader, but well it was not possible because it was a JPEG Image which […]

How to Save or Download Google Maps to your PC

Recently i was finding more latest Map of the Hyderabad International Airport using Google Maps and for this i had to visit the GoogleMaps website and then search for the location. Next i was shown with a few results along with Alphabetical Order in case there are multiple results for the search key-phrase. Along with […]

Online Font Viewer to View Installed Fonts Easily

You would have downloaded many fonts from the Internet, whenever you needed to edit a PSD file and the fonts folder is now full of tonnes of fonts which cannot be directly recognized because all of these would show you a sample message and this is hard to find that which font is which one. […]