Transfer Adwords Campaign to another Account with Adwords Editor

I have a Google Adwords account and have several campaigns few of which are for our clients and we are planning to shift one of the ad campaign with all the settings to the parent company. Hence is it possible to automatically transfer the complete ad campaign to another Google Adwords Account. If i perform […]

Automatically User Log On to Windows 7 Computer

Automatically logging into your computer to get access to your desktop easily is a good idea but can also lead to unauthorized access by others, hence its not recommended to everyone. Though some users need this option to be activated because using this they can automatically start some programs like torrents downloads, quick Instant messenger […]

Set Automatically Login to Windows Xp on Startup

My Computer is a Single User account one, but still whenever i start my computer, it asks for entering the User Account password in order to get access into the windows. Is there any way i can bypass this login question and directly get access to my Desktop? Question by Kunal Sharma via Facebook. This […]

Use Virtual Router to turn Windows PC into Wifi Hot Spot

Windows 7 is a powerful operating system and the reason for this is the huge number of features and use add-on’s. We had previously reviewed different software’s like bzeek and connectify which allows you to make your Windows based computer run as a wifi hot spot sharing the Internet connection you have on your PC […]

Create Passport Photos Online at Home

Do you plan to apply for a Passport very soon? Then why not create the photo online itself instead of visiting a Photo Studio, waiting in queue and get the snaps the next day. With idphoto4you, you can easily generate Passport sized photos from any photo you have saved on your computer, because the service […]

Create Notes & Sync with Google Docs in Windows, Linux & OS X

Install NoteSync Desktop

One single feature because of which we use Google Docs is the Auto saving and option to access all the documents & presentations from anywhere all around the world and on most devices by just logging into the Google account. Now here is one addictive tool called as the NoteSync which allows you to automatically […]

Find Detailed Traffic Stats for Specific Webpage in Google Analytics

Google Analytics Content Overview

We run a website which is actually a portfolio for our Offline business, hence we have not much idea on getting the statistics of the total visitors who visit our website. We have been promoting a contest, hence wanted to know the statistics to one of our specific page through the Google Analytics system. – […]

Apple iPad as Extended Desktop Display with Wireless Sharing

The Apple iPad can also be used as a shared display to your main Apple Mac OS X based computers with the use of a application called as ‘Air Display‘ which is actually a paid 9.99$ app. Once purchased and installed on your iPad you would be able to connect the iPad to your computer […]

Apple iPad Keyboard Dock – The Good & Bad Features

We just got another shipment which had the Keyboard dock for the Apple iPad which is actually a accessory many iPad users normally buy because it seems like a useful product. We found many uses as well as problems with this dock which we will be mentioning in the form of points below. The Good […]