Logitech Comfort Lapdesk for Notebooks Review

Logitech Lapdesk Laptop

Using a notebook for quite a long time on your lap could be a rather unpleasant because they generate quiet a large amount of heat and your leg becomes uncomfortably hot after using it for 30-45 minutes. Besides this many users also complain of problems like neck pain and back ache. This is where the […]

Best 4-Port USB Hub for Laptops from Logitech

Premium 4-Port USB Hub for Notebooks – If you are looking for a USB adapter then it’s ought to be Logitech once again. It’s the Logitech Premium 4-Port USB Hub for Notebooks. It comes with four ports which lets you instantly connect up to four devices—including thumb drives, cameras, and MP3 music player. The Logitech […]

Logitech Rechargeable Speaker S315i Review

Logitech is one of the biggest players when it comes to iPod speakers and it has been constantly producing a wide variety of excellent portable speakers since the introduction of iPods. The brand hasn’t changed its introductory mechanism much, but has continually evolved with the times to create more user friendly units with advanced functions […]

Display iPhone Apps in iPad in Full Size & Higher Resolution

Apple iPad offers you with one very useful option which is syncing your iTunes account where you have already purchased apps for the iPhone. Now most of these are compatible with the iPad because of which you can just connect the device to your PC and sync them. Most of the iPhone Apps look broken […]

How to Update Apple iPad Apps via App Store

Question – I have purchased a Apple iPad and have downloaded around 70 different apps through the inbuilt App Store and my US iTunes Account, now i find that there are a few updated versions of the Apps. Do i have to delete the older ones one by one and then re-download them or is […]

Tips to Increase Battery life of Apple iPad

We had previously published many useful tips on Increasing Apple iPhone Battery Life, Laptop Battery Life and optimizing battery usage. In this article we are going give you some basic tips which when implemented would give you a better battery backup on the device. Disable wi-fi : Its recommended that you should disable your wifi […]

Access Mac or Windows PC from Apple iPad with Remote Support

Remote Accessing your Home Computer through the iPad is now possible with the Teamviewer Application for iPhone and iPad. The app is available free of cost at the App Store which once installed would be asking you to enter the partner computer’s Id and Password. Next once you Enter the partner details, it will authenticate […]

Apple iPad – Create & Save Offline Maps with Directions

In this tutorial we will be teaching you the process on How to Create a Map which can be saved in the iPad itself and used when you are on a travel. For this you will be using the built-in Maps Program along with the iPad Screenshot Option to Create Offline version of your selected […]

Get Tabbed Browsing & Offline Mode in Apple iPad

Here is a excellent application for the Apple iPad users, which is going to allow you to get Tabbed Browsing functionality in your device. The default iPad browser is Safari which does not allow you to access the Internet using tabs which is the reason we have to find different apps to get this job […]