How to Pair & Connect a Device to Apple iPad via Bluetooth

The Apple iPad wifi comes with two different options through which you can connect it to external devices ie the Bluetooth and the Wi-fi option. In order to perform this you need to enable the option of Bluetooth in your iPad. This option is available under the Settings > General > Bluetooth. Once you start […]

Apple iPad 3G Hacks – Convert Sim Cards to MicroSIM


Apple iPad 3G comes with a MicroSIM which would be used to connect to the Internet while you are on travel with the charges being charged to your PostPaid or Prepaid sim card issued by the telecom service provider. In India there are no MicroSIM available and all the SIM Cards which are available are […]

How to Format USB Drive – Fix Errors & Backup Data

USB Drive Format Option

The computer market is advancing at a very high speed and these days we have Portable USB Drives which can allow you to backup data upto 64Gb in a small device, hence its very each to buy a new one and store information in it. But if you want to continue using your old Memory […]

Apple iPad Initial Setup – Drivers, iTunes A/c & Sync Data

Congratulations on your Purchase of the Apple iPad – The device which can help you stay connected while you are at rest, driving in a public transport or when the Laptop battery is empty. The Apple iPad once unboxed would give you give a look of a Strong Aluminum Unibody casing which is not only […]

How to Start a Partnership firm?

A partnership firm refers to a business house which is owned by two or more people jointly. There are a large number of partnership firms all over the world. There are many advantages associated with partnership businesses. In order to start a partnership firm, several formalities are required to be completed. Different countries and states […]

Gadget Sales Up when Economy Down – Stats

About the same time the people in Greece were taking to the streets to demonstrate against bad economic times, another crowd was gathering at the opening of the first Best Buy store in the United Kingdom, in Thurrock, England. The store broke all opening sales records for the retail giant. Even in the darkness of […]

Setup Sync to Web in Picasa – Upload Photos Online

Google Picasa allows you to automatically sync all the Photos which are stored on your computer to the Online Server hosted by Google. This means that you don’t have to pay any money for the services because Google Picasa allows you to store all your Images for free of cost. You just need to download, […]

USPS India Shipping Foreign Customs Duties & Rules

We had previously written a article on USPS which is claimed to be the Best Postal Service for Worldwide buyers & sellers of products. Hence, this is the very same reason every year millions of shipments are sent and received. Now when someone sends a shipment to India, the problem starts because the products gets […]

Windows 7 Problems – Drivers, Upgrade & Options

Now don’t get me wrong, I personally think that Win 7 is just about Microsoft’s best OS; it ranks right up at the top of the list with Windows XP and Windows 98, two operating systems that stood the test of time and made people wonder how the same company could churn out a horror […]