Switched to Aweber Blog E-Mail Subscription from Feedburner

Here is a quick update to all our readers. From the past 2 years we were serving daily emails to our Blog Subscribers through the Google Feedburner Service which is a decent service for the initial stage of blogging because its completely free & easy service. After a few years or after reaching a decent […]

Set Restrictions on Internet Access to Keep Child Safe Online

KidsWatch Parent Account Installation

It is a tedious job to keep tracking your Child’s Internet access logs and also suggesting them not to visit some specific websites because of inappropriate content within them. There should also be some time limits set on the computer usage to make sure that the Child can enjoy a offline life in the form […]

How to Block access to Adult Websites on Computer

There are millions of websites which are not family friendly and should not be viewed by kids but with the accessibility to the Internet becoming more easy, children can access adult websites with inappropriate content with just a search on major search engines. Just search in a search engine with a keyword and you can […]

What is Online Banking & Is it Safe?

Online Banking

Today with the advent of technology and advancement especially in the field of internet and computing; one will not have to stand in the queue for long hours to do his banking tasks. Today, most of the banks, whether public or private, provides with the facility of internet banking or online banking. Other than mere […]

How to Update Firmware Software on Apple iPad

Apple iPad Firmware Version

Problem : Recently one of our visitor had a query on how can they update their Apple iPad‘s software or the Operating system for better security and features which are offered by Apple. Even though they had purchased the Apple iPad from the official store he did not receive any email from Apple regarding this […]

Parental Control Software on Internet Safety for Kids

For every parent the most important thing in their life would be their kids and their security. With the increasing amount of cyber knowledge and information on how to use the computers and access the internet websites kids at the age from 8 years have a basic idea on how to access the internet and […]

How to Submit Website to Bing Webmaster Tools

Finally Microsoft has upgraded the Webmaster Tools section of their service and is offering a list of different options available for the users. To get started you will have to access the website – http://www.bing.com/toolbox/webmasters/ and click on the ‘sign in to use webmaster tools’ button. Next you will have to login to your Live […]

Convert Youtube Videos into 3D Viewing Mode

Youtube has been expanding every year with huge number of user uploaded videos and content which are now supported with HD Quality support. Anyone can now record a video from their Laptops, Mobile Phones, Digital Camera’s and upload them to Youtube.com followed by sharing the same with everyone. The latest movies like Avatar, Harry Potter […]

How to Automatically update Blog posts directly to Facebook

We had earlier shown you a simple way to automatically tweet your blog posts using third party services. The very same way you can easily publish your latest blog posts automatically whenever you publish a new article on your blog. Facebook is growing and with a bigger network under your profile you can increase the […]