Cisco Cius Android Business Tablet with HD Video Streaming

The Cisco Cius is an “ultra portable, mobile collaboration business tablet which offers access to business applications and technologies. It is not an android tablet since it is directly target to the corporate world. The 7-inch Cius tablet is an android based tablet which weighs only 1.15 pounds. It is featured with 3g capabilities, wi-fi, […]

Blackberry PlayBook Touch Screen Tablet Review

Blackberry is going to rock the market of tablet gadgets again with the launch of its new RIM PlayBook. Blackberry is the world-famous name in the mobile phones market. The PlayBook looks like tablet pc and it has touch screen facility. Being an intelligent buyer you should not plan to purchase a gadget without doing […]

Asus EEE Pad Features Specifications Price & Photos

Asus EEE pad is a device which provides users a ‘real time, real life and real human’ computing experience. It is a device with a grayscale touchscreen display. It is as an ebook reader and a note-taking device. It is offered to the consumers with a keyboard and a dock so that the consumers use […]

How to Change Default Search Engine in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer 9 has brought in very high number of changes to the Search Engine which is the reason most of the options are quite confusing to the users. In this article we will show you how you can change the default Bing search engine with any other SE of your choice like Yahoo! or […]

6 Must have Apps for Smartphones – Useful Applications

smartphone apps

With evolving trends of smartphones, users just need everything on their mobile. While many mayn’t have all the application but listed here are the top 6 application that a smartphone should have. Opera Mini Browser In the recent times browsing experience on the mobile phones has largely increase thanks to Opera Mini. Opera Mini is […]

Switch from Upper Case to Lower Case Online for Free

case converter

Question by Jayesh Khetsi : I do a lot of data entry work. The work is I need to take the content Online and reproduce it. While doing I come across small difficulties which consumes a lot of time. As all the text are not in proper cases, some are in upper case, some in […]

How to Change your MSN Messenger Password

MSN is a free instant messaging client by Microsoft Corporation. Windows Live Messenger or Hotmail messenger both means the same. MSN and Hotmail uses the .NET Passport service for the authentication of logins. A best advice for the people who uses MSN Messenger is that you should monthly change your password and memorizing it will […]

LG Xnote A510 first 3D Laptop

Until now we had laptops which are bulkier, expensive and configurations tends towards performance not the display. However LG thinks something different out of the box with the launch of Xnote A510 laptops with full HD resolution of 3D display. LG Xnote A510 is the first 3D laptop of full 1080pixel HD resolution. It includes […]

How to Unblock Websites at Schools, Colleges or Offices

blocked websites

If you are looking to gain an access to restricted site on your network then you have arrived at the right place for the right information. Unblocking a website is a process of gaining access to a particular site which is blocked. Large corporates, schools and colleges blocks websites likes social networking sites, public mail […]