How to Track Website Visitors – Best Tools & Services


If you have a website or blog, then it would be really important for you to know who are you visitors. Just would like to have the results of your work and the result are you visitors. So how would you track down your visitors, their details. Knowing the visitors might improve your blog. The […]

How & where to find Free Chat Rooms

Chat rooms

Its important to know what is your preferences before looking out for the free chat rooms best suited for your need. For instance if you are looking for just type and chat or else if you are looking to switch between voice chat to video chat. A Chat Room contains group of people who are […]

Fixed – Disable firefox session restore when firefox starts

Question : I was running around 100 different tabs before i closed the browser and now the problem is that whenever i try to restart the firefox browser i find that the browser hangs again while loading these tabs. May be 1 or 2 tabs are the real culprits but iam not given any option […]

Fixed – Firefox browser not Restarting – Close firefox completely

Question : Hey, i have been using the firefox browser from a while but from the time i have updated it to the version 3.6 i find that the browser is having more issues. Recently when i tried to close the browser and reopen it, it opened immediately after closing and also it didnt remember […]

Best Automatic Data Backup software for Windows – DoubleSafety

For a computer user loosing all the important files and folders can be the worst thing happening and its always essential to make sure that you have a backup of your data on a external drive. There are many different Online Backup services which can host your data for free or else at a very […]

Tools to Record Incoming & Outgoing calls on Skype for Free

Call Graph- Skype Call Recorder

Skype is one of the most popular VOIP software application being used by 500 millions people. Yet being the popular VOIP application it doesn’t have the feature of recording all the incoming and outgoing calls. This opens the door for third-party products to easily integrate with Skype which will let you record calls, chat history […]

How to Make an HTML iPhone Email Signature

Setting up iPhone email Signature

When you have iPhone there will be lot more you can do it. You might be sending emails through it to your friends, family, organizations friends and everyone one including officials. The default signature stamp in iPhone is Sent from my iPhone and you can change it any text you desired including HTML. You can […]

How to Find Hosting Provider of Any Site

hostlogr- Hosting Details

Loading of a website page or website completely also depends on your host, the bandwidth limitations might be a cause for this. Sometime you come across fast access websites, so what the difference between the two, this determines you to choose from hosting. Its very easy to find website loading time and Google also has […]

Facebook Groups Setup & Creation Tutorial – Customize Options

facebook groups menu

Facebook has launched recently another useful feature called as the ‘Facebook Groups’ which can be used as a great addition to your business. The way Twitter offers you with the lists facility, Facebook offers you with the Groups feature. You can easily create small groups with your friends, family, business team or known contacts and […]