Micro Niche Finder Tool to Find High CPC Keywords & Niche

Niche Market

Blogging is very lucrative profession but the negative side of this story is that you would end up earning very less even after all your efforts and this could be because of opting for low paying keywords or niche. We had long back written a article on Best Niche for your Website which can give […]

Tips on How to Get Your Banned Adsense Account Reinstated

adsense click fraud

Yesterday, we had reported that the ad serving on this domain has been disabled, and the reason behind this was a post where the images were unacceptable against the terms of adsense. We were mailed to remove that, and we did it but the automated team didn’t recognize the change and so it had disabled […]

Google AdSense ad serving has been Disabled

This may sound like a shock to many bloggers who have been following us from past 3 years because the Google Adsense serving has been disabled on this blog for one small issue which was something generally considered as a browser issue. If you guys have been following me, you should have known that my […]

Guide on Recovering from Google Panda Algorithm Update

Google Panda Update

The Panda update, that Google has named to its latest change in the algorithm of ranking websites and showing them on the SERPs, has affected the way websites perform on search engines and many website rankings have been effected. Many bloggers have been talking about this, since Google showed it’s first effect many days back, […]

Can i Use Trademark Words in Domain, App & Product Names?

Legal Trademark TM

Q. Hey Amit, i have been following your blog from 2 years and its very interesting to read all the useful insights you keep publishing. Today i have a very interesting question which can also be useful to all of your users too. I have a domain name which has the word ‘Android’ in it […]

Google Panda Update – Top Traffic Losers & Winners List

Google Panda Update

Finally Google Panda Algorithm update is implemented worldwide and most of the users are now facing lower traffic because of the new algorithm. In the first update it was implemented only in the United States, where in everyone was expecting eHow to be going down but it actually gained. Now in the second update finally […]

How to Export Delicious Bookmarks in XML File Format

Delicious XML

Delicious by Yahoo! is a social bookmark store site where you can store your bookmarks of links and web pages which you find interesting while browsing on the web. Del.icio.us was caught in middle of doubts that it will get shutdown but the latter reports confirmed that Delicious would continue for indefinite future. Infact Yahoo! […]

How do I Unblock Gmail or Gtalk Contacts

Google Talk Logo

If you block a Gmail contacts it will prevent the person from talking to you and seeing you when you are signed in to Gmail or Google Talk. It’s quite easy to block any contacts at any point of time and generally I used a lot time when a contact is disturbing me a lot. […]

How to Use Sessions in WordPress For Storing User Data?

It is surprising that WordPress doesn’t use Sessions for storing data. It is a stateless application. So that if you want to use sessions in your custom modifications or plugins of WordPress, you just need to follow the below ideas! Idea 1: Go to the root of your blog (where WordPress is installed). Normally upgrading […]