How to Generate Random Name, Address, Credit Card Numbers

Fake Name

How many times did you see many offers are available for United States resident people but not for international. Many sites are open for only US people although you want it for international. Also we have seen providers of US genuine address and international shipping. is a free tool which generates Fake name and […]

Best Wireless Routers to Setup Wi-Fi at Home

Belkin B600

If you have a laptop, tablet, PC and mobile connection and you mostly work from home as freelance, than making your broadband connection to Wi Fi will allow you to go on web with each of the devices that you have. If you look around smartphones of priced more than Rs 7,000 in India comes […]

Chat with God with the iGod Intelligence Robot

iGod Chat Application

Do you think that any normal human being can talk to God? Do you think that the creator of this universe ever chats? But an online application has made it possible to chat with God. I am not joking and it isn’t April Fool’s Day. But still I can make you have a good time […]

Current Version Plugin Google Update for Firefox

Google Plugin Update

It’s always better to stay with the updated information rather than staying with the out dated information. A software development company is always back of updating their existing version to the newer versions by including the extra features. With those extra features added to the new updates, they also correct out the bugs in the […]

Best Amazon S3 Clients, Tools & Plugins for Windows Mac & Linux

Amazon S3 logo

Amazon S3 is the affordable cloud storage services by Amazon which allows you to host, store and retrieve any amount of data. It can be used as the online backup for hosting the static content like images, videos files, Flash videos, pictures and audio files, etc. The data that you store at Amazon S3 can […]

Best eBook Readers in India – Models & Prices

Asus EEE Reader DR900

An eBook Reader or e-Book device or e-reader is an electronic device which is only meant for reading digital books (known as ebooks) and periodicals. Somehow in design and looks it is similar to present tablet computers. eBook reader arrived in India with a very long gap since its global presence but it explodes in […]

Best Laptop Cooling Pads

Laptop Cooling Pads

Overheating of your laptops problem can lead to many serious problems. This may be due to the excess load to the RAM which it can handle or slowness of your laptop or it can be mismatch in laptop configurations. Some modern days high specifications machines runs relatively cool. Overheating of your laptop is the symptoms […]

How Not To Overdo Your Site’s SEO

SEO Factors

Search engine optimization of your online content is very important and crucial for the success of your website or business. It is true that social media campaigns or other marketing measures can bring targeted customers but often the number is well surpassed when you get free-targeted traffic to your website from search engines like Google, […]

How to Watch TV on Laptop for Free without Tuner Card

Watch Live TV

For many years Television is the medium of news and entertainment. Some 20-30 years back television needed a large picture tube and screen to see the broadcast of television channels being aired through wired connections. Few years back wireless connectivity created the buzz and introduced wireless connections. Then due to the advancement of technology TV […]