Lets say you are at a location which is not yet found on the Google Maps or else you are setting up a new large business in your locality which is currently listed on the Google Maps as a plain land, then its time to set and add your locations, roads etc to the Maps service yourself without the need for waiting for the Google Street View team to navigate and list it.

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Google Map Maker is a interesting and useful service which allows you to add these kind of locations to the Maps, unlike the Local Business Center which is a service used to add your business details and contact information. You can check out the service at http://www.google.com/mapmaker , where you need to first login to your Google Account to get started with.

Features of Google Map Maker :

  • Map streets of your neighborhood or city.
  • Add points of interest and natural features.
  • Map your school campus.
  • Edit driving directions.

Your work as a citizen cartographer will appear on Google Maps and serve the needs of local users, schools, city planners, tourists and more. Read below how you can add different types of mapping information using this service.

To create a Point :
Add Point Business Location

  1. Click on the point tool.
  2. Select the type. Enter text to find an appropriate choice.
  3. Click on the map. View imagery by selecting the Satellite or Hybrid views.
  4. Edit the attributes in the left panel.

To create a Line or Polygon :
Adding Business Location Maps Maker

  1. Click the line tool or polygon tool.
  2. Select the type. Enter text to find an appropriate choice.
  3. Draw the outlines/boundary of the feature. View imagery by selecting the Satellite or Hybrid views.
  4. To cancel the drawing, press Esc at any time.
  5. Whenever you try to edit others location which you feel is wrongly listed, the changes would be sent to the moderator and this is also the same case when you try to add a new location using the polygon tool which gives you a approximate business listing location mapping. Once you done with the selection of the area you will be asked to enter the Business details. If you specify this as a school, cafe, restaurant, office or a business you will be asked with the according details in the left side section to be filled in following which the data would be confirmed with other users and then the same would be reflected on the maps website after a few days.

  6. Double-click to end the drawing. Alternatively, press Enter to finish the drawing.
  7. Edit the attributes of the place of interest in the left panel.

You can use this service in order to help others in your nearby locatity by fixing the driving directions and turns which would help others with :

  • Directions have a turn that isn’t allowed.
  • Directions aren’t showing road names.
  • Directions use smaller local roads rather than more convenient, major roads.
  • Directions are using a road that is in poor condition, or a road that’s private.
  • Directions on to or exiting highways look awkward.

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