I have been running adsense on many of my websites but i used to swap Kontera & adbrite in order to find which one pays higher in terms of EPC[Earnings per Click] and here are the results. Though you can find the number of impressions vary but thats because i found kontera was paying me really low and i had to stop it in the middle of the experiment.

Adbrite is generally considered a very low paying alternative to adsense but after a small comparision i have found that it pays a hell lot than adsense in some cases and pays always higher than kontera, since kontera sucks because of very less amount of advertisers in their network and very less ads displayed.

I ran adbrite , adsense & kontera on couple websites / web pages randomly just to track the final EPC[Earnings Per Click] i get through these websites. Here are some of the tracked results.

Ad Product Number of Impressions Total Clicks Page CTR Earnings Overall EPC
Adsense 1,432,529 6,022 0.42% 520$ 8.6 Cents
Kontera 343,951 8,509 2.47% 268$ 3 Cents
Adbrite 2,170,352 4,227 0.19% 499$ 11 Cents

You can clearly find from the above results that Kontera is one of the incontent contexual ad program which pays the lowest payout and if you have seen the adverts you can easily find that the maximum ads are for shopping.com, other hand adbrite has a huge amount of advertisers in their network which keep rotating similar to adsense. These are my results from the experiment what about you? Which ad network is paying you the highest after adsense? Is it adbrite or kontera?

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