Whenever you are working with a friend or a client on a freelance basis and trying to help the other party on some website design, graphic creation or design plan its quite hard to make the other person understand your thoughts. Normally its suggested that you would send them screenshots using the different tools available online like PC Hand, Screenshot Captor, Tweeshot, Collabshot, Screensnapr, Grab Them All, Screengrab for Firefox & aviary.com but most of these offer different features which may not suit the current requirement.

If your requirement is that you want to capture a selected area screen and add some text or annotations to the same, then normally you would use any of the above applications and then use tools like Microsoft Paint in order to write down some text on the same image along with the use of clip-art items like arrow to point towards something. Here is a tool called as Owely which is a desktop based application allowing you to complete all the above tasks very easily.

You need to register and create a account at owely.com and then download the software which is compatible with your Operating System because its available for Windows, Mac OS & Linux. Once the software is installed and run you would find the icon in the taskbar of your computer. Right click on this icon and select settings.

Owely Settings

Enter the logins you have set during sign-up at the website and then proceed towards the two options.

  • For Complete Screen Capture – Ctrl + Win + D
  • For Selected Screen Region Capture – Ctrl + alt + R

Next press the shortcuts as mentioned above and you would get a small list of options on the top left side of your screen and the mouse pointer would allow you to select any screen area.

Owely Tool Options

Next you can add lines, arrows, text, crop the selected area or perform similar tasks with the options available following which a small upload window would be shown to you.

Owely Image Capture Upload

You can set the Title & Description for the image and then press on the Upload button which would upload the image file to the owely.com online server and then a small window is displaying showing you with the screen-shot address. You can copy the same to clipboard for sharing it with your friends online or else open the same in browser.

Once the final captured image is opened you would get a bunch of options in order to share the capture with your friends through twitter, facebook or embed the image on your blog. Also you can select different sizes for embedding the image.

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