When you talk about different things, you bound to get different answers as well because no two people are alike and all of them think differently. That is one of the reasons that you can never find something to satisfy everyone. So, the best thing will be to find a thing to satisfy yourself and if you are looking for an unlimited broadband package, then there is nothing wrong in having a look on Airtel Broadband Unlimited 9999.

Airtel Broadband Unlimited 9999 is the package that saves you from different data transfer limits. However, the only concern here in this package is the price which is way off for a lot of home users. It means that spending Rs.9999 for a month of usage will not be a rational thing to do. The only thing is that this package can be used for some internet cafes, but, speed can be a thing to look at. This package provides you the speed of 1 Mbps which is not exceptional, especially considering the amount of money that will have to be given to these companies.

Airtel Broadband India

If speed is your problem, then you will certainly be better off by switching to some packages from the combo category as the standard speed in all those packages is nothing less than 2 Mbps and all of them are less costly as well when compared to the Airtel Broadband Unlimited 9999. So, you will have to spend some time understanding the pros and cons as it will certainly be perilous to spend Rs.9999 without thinking much.

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