WeTeachAcademy LogoFrom the past few weeks, we have been dedicatedly working on a new project about which I had probably mentioned a while back. It was about a Youtube Channel which brings content totally targeted towards free education for students, and this channel finally is Official, although the content was accessible to viewers and students all around the world. Called as We Teach Academy, we are working primarily around the Video Content right now, which is useful for students from 3rd Grade to Higher Standard School level.

The Team at We Teach Academy consists of 6 members for now and we are working on the educational content, which is not only simple and easy to understand but also available free of cost which on the contrary is being sold by a few websites. “Free Education for All” being the main theme of this project, we have already created 300+ videos averaging 6-8 minutes each.

The videos have been uploaded from the past few weeks and we are already seeing a great response from the students who are seeking this content and learning from it. The below graph illustrates the same.

YouTube Views Count Graph

Following is a Sample Video of the Content available on the YouTube Channel :

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We would also be expanding the content to Science, Social Studies along with Localized Language Support Soon. Do reply below with your suggestions on the Content or the Idea.

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