In this tutorial we will be teaching you the process on How to Create a Map which can be saved in the iPad itself and used when you are on a travel. For this you will be using the built-in Maps Program along with the iPad Screenshot Option to Create Offline version of your selected maps which would be useful when you are not connected to the Internet.

  • First tap on the Maps Icon on the Home Screen of your iPad and access the application.
  • Next you need to search for the desired route you are going to Travel along with specific location details in the right side search box. Once you enter the location name, the Maps Application would suggest you with more related nearby locations to the original searched place. Here you can select the final location and get the map.

    Search Location iPad Maps

  • Now you need to Tap the small icon next to the right side search box which would activate your Location ON setting, making the iPad to search for your location and then giving you a route map from your current location to the desired location.

    iPad Maps Location Allow

  • Once this is done, you will find that the Maps application would give you a detailed route map along with the directions and time required to transit between this distance using the different transport options.

    iPad Find Location Route

Now once you have found the desired route map, locations, places of interest and distance information, you can press on the home & power button at once to save copies of these route maps to your ‘Photos’ folder which can give you access to these routes which you are offline or when the iPad is not connected to the Internet. This is a very simple trick to make sure that you can access and get high quality full sized route maps when there is no internet connection.

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