Apple iPad in India – No future

Apple iPad, released on Jan 27th, 2010 is to be shipped in a couple of months in the U.S. and U.K. regions, and is going to go internationally shipped in June or July, 2010. Although knowing the fact that Apple has a good fan base in India, Apple has not cared to ship the tablet device very soon around and that’s one of the reasons where people’s interest on exploring the device and having it in their hands, gets diminished.

I have listed why Apple iPad sucks, and those were the general reasons about the device, not its availability, its plans or anything else.

When it comes to Indian users, the first disadvantage would be micro-GSM SIM and 3G features. 3G is something still that every Indian user has to experience and very few places and just a couple networks are providing the 3G network (i.e. BSNL & MTNL), and no one is sure when the 3G will be available all around. Only with its availability, the usage of Apple iPad would get better, as there are no frequent WiFi hotspots available in India as it does in U.S.

Then its about the patience. We can’t wait till 6 months later when Apple releases the product for international shipping and the western world is already using it and might have thrown it away getting bored of it. Either Apple would have waited to release the iPad late all around the world, or should have done everything together whenever possible.

The iPad device will not be a purchase for those who have not used an iPhone. Am pretty sure about this. Using a mobile phone and then the same interface in another new device is easier to pronounce, but a unitask device with many limitations with a new interface who have not used an iPhone, won’t be easy. So Windows fanboys and users would better stay away from it.

With all this, there is nothing that Apple is going to see about iPad in India. No much sales and no much supportive talks, as Windows users would better think to spend a bit higher and go with the fully flexible HP Slate device which might be coming in with Windows 7 and desktop-based app usage functionality.

~Chetan Bhawani

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  1. manisha malhotra says:

    please add more information related to apple ipad…

  2. Chetan,

    I have both an ipod touch and recently got back an ipad for use in India. While I can access the App Store on the ipod touch, I cannot do the same on the ipad. It says “The app store is not supported in your country”. Can you help me understand why that is the case?


  3. This is ridculous article,I think your just jealous that maybe your not able to buy it. I have the device and to be honest it is very handy if not incredible… Features are amazing except you cnt use apple store, iTunes store and you tube in India now till it is officially launch. Your one sided view is very misleading.

  4. Viraj gadhoke says:

    Your insights into the iPad functionality is completely flawed. Your comment ” the western world is ahead of India by 6 months with respect to the iPad, by the time it launches in India people in the western world will get bored of it and would throw it away”

    So the above is what you stated in your article. The following points you should have considered before making such a ridiculous statement.

    1. Apple did not create the iPad to be dumped in 6 months. It is a revolutionary product as is designed to change the life style of the customer.
    2. The iPhone or any other electronic product takes roughly 3 to 6 months to hit the developing countries. The iPhone entered India in a similar fashion as is doing tremendously well.
    3. 3G connectivity shall soon be with all services providers and the device shall work smoothly.
    4. India is in the top of the list for quires on thi pad. Apple is a global company and realizes the need to tap into India and is deffinately working on enhancing the Indian app store.

    The iPad is a wonderful product and I recommend everyone to purchase it.

  5. Your view on the apple ipad is ridiculous and one sided ……the very way in which you present facts indicates that either you are jealous or just don’t know enough to make a balanced judgment.

    I have an ipad and it is absolutely wonderful…..yes it has its limitations which one should find out BEFORE buying it but on the whole it is a fantastic device.

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