Apple iPhone SucksApple iphone have been a real sucess all around the world but in India seems that the huge price of around 700USD[31000INR] has created big problems for both the telecom providers Airtel & Vodafone. These handsets are not being sold easily not only because of the price but also because you cannot change the SIM card, in short because they cannot be unlocked.

On the other hand Nokia is continiously launching new handsets like Nokia N96 in the same price range but with very high number of features when compared to Apple iphone, because its a combination of N81 & N95

Here are some of the features you will miss if you own a Apple iPhone and these are also some reasons why you should avoid buying a Apple iPhone.

No Video Apple iPhoneNo Video Recording : You cannot Record any videos using this costly handset because there is no Video Recording Option which is available in most nokia mobile phones like Nokia N85, Nokia N79, Nokia 5320 xPressMusic, Nokia 5220 xPressMusic, Nokia 5000, Nokia 3600, Nokia 6600 Slide, Nokia N96 and many more nokia handsets. Next time you take out your handset to record a video make sure you dont own a iphone because on the special moment you cannot record the event unlike other Apple rival’s models. Though the iPhone comes with a inbuilt 2Mp camera which is just good for taking digital photos and again its hard to download them to a local pc.

No SMS Forward iPhoneNo SMS Forwarding : Its festive time and you want to forward a SMS to all your friends group/contacts and you cannot find find a option to forward a SMS you recieved from someone else. Dont get frustated , buy a nokia or Sony ericsson handset because there are 25 Things you can do with your Cell Phone unlike Apple iPhone which does not support many of these.

No MMS Sending : You cannot send those naughty MMS videos to your friends when you own a Apple iPhone because its not supported along with voice-recognition facility for making voice dialing. Didnt we just say iphone does suck and there is no point in paying 31000Rs for a brick which is better than a stone for just one feature which is the touch screen.
Apple iPhone vs Brick Stone

Wordpress iPhone Blogging ApplicationNo Cut, Copy & Paste : The Apple iPhones do not offer you to delete any part of your written text line by line, nor copy paste or cut and makes it hard for you to do any function related to writing. Did we hear around a 1,00,000 users have downloaded the wordpress for iphone application which helps then in blogging directly from their apple iphones, but can you even guess how hard would it be to blog from this tiny handset with a touchscreen and no Cut, Copy & Paste feature. Most mobile phones like Nokia E52 offers better options than this iPhone. Another important point is that it lacks support for multi-select.
Apple iPhone No Cut Copy Paste

Non-Easy Battery Replacement : Remember the last time you changed your nokia mobile phone battery within 30 seconds? Many people who are on a travelling always carry an extra battery for their handsets which can come in use because they cost quite less amount generally 5-10$ and can help a lot when there is no power source. But if you are a owner of a Apple iPhone you will need 3 business day’s time and a Apple Technician at a Apple Outlet because you cannot yourself change the battery whenever you need and this job can be done by professionals only. Well, this is a no-no option for Smart people with heavy battery usage and iam sure no one would opt for a apple iphone when they know about this.
Apple iPhone No Easy Battery Replacement

Apple iPhone No Wifi SupportNo Wifi Support : Apple iphones dont support for Wifi in your local area which means that you cannot use the wireless modem in your area and whenever you want to use the internet using these Apple iphones you need to shell out internet access charges. Most 3G handsets available in the market support for this feature unlike Apple iPhones which is the reason you should again avoid buying them.

No Bluetooth File Sharing : In any nokia handset you just enable/activate the bluetooth feature and start sharing files from your handset. Apple iPhone cannot sync with any other Bluetoth devices like in-car stereo device and you cannot share any Mp3, Images or video files with anyone.
Apple iPhone Bluetooth File Sharing

There are many other things like no iPhone ringtones customizations but you can use external tools like iPhone Ringtone Maker & iPhone Ringtone Converter. No Flash support which means you cannot open files based on flash.

Will you still buy the Costly Apple iPhone?

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