If you would have visited Apple.com, then iam sure you would have bookmarked the website atleast for the beautiful design. Its a real neat and simple design which displays the main products on the top navigation bar and the products and services links displayed on the footer section. What if your wordpress blog would also have the same looks? It would have been a great design isnt it? Which is the reason i had recently changed one of my blogs design to Apple Wordpress Theme which resembles the original apple’s design. Here are few designs which either give you a look of the Apple’s official website or the Apple Macbook Desktop Look where in the icons are all located on the top right.

  • iBlog Wordpress Theme :
    This is the theme which i was referring to previously, giving you a navigation bar in the top which resembles the Apple.com’s homepage along with the simplicity. You can easily drag and move the sidebar sections ie the latest posts, categories, tags and reconfigure them.
    iBlog Apple Alike Wordpress Theme
    Download Link
  • Leopard mac Wordpress theme :
    It is a tribute to the powerful leopard operating system of apple’s mac. Its a 3 Column theme – Widget ready offering you with a real big sized header with a Mac OSX Leopard Logo on the Top Left. The only thing i dont like in this theme is the hard colours used and the small sized content column because in these kind of themes you cannot post large sized articles. This theme is compatible with IE, FF, Opera, Flock & Safari.
    Apple Leopard Wordpress Theme
    Download Link
  • Leopress :
    Those who did like the first theme above but looking for a 3 column version then the Leopress can complete your requirement since it shows you different categories on the left and offers you with a right sidebar which you can use for advertising your sponsors ads. The theme does not show a Logo but displays the Blog Title & Description on the Center of the Header with Mac Looking icons all over the website. Its overall a excellent theme taking only 100kb of space and loading super quickly.
    LeoPress Apple Wordpress Theme
    Download Link

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