Apple MacBook Air in India : Complete Review & Features

Iam sure all of you guys would have knows about the latest innovation from Apple which is the Apple MacBook Air, a notebook which is really a dream for all techies and gadget lovers. The whole world is currently discussing about this new Air series from Apple because its something really worth discussing and buying out.

If you are looking to gift something to your valentine this year dont go for chocolates, ipods or some usual gift but go for a Apple Macbook Air, and you can now buy one of these in India at the Apple stores which are available at bangalore, mumbai & gurgaon. Apple has been the manufacturers of the top 10 coolest gadgets and best laptops also being a winner of many awards in their industry.

Intel Core2Duo MacBook Air

Here are some of the excellent features of the Apple MacBook Air Series which have been compared with my current Apple macbook:

An extrasized multi-touch technology touchpad which can help you out when you are working on some images related programs or adjusting images.

The name Air was originally given to these series because these are currently the world’s slimmest laptops and the size is ranged from 0.16″ to 0.76″ max height with the ultra lower weight of 3 pounds only. The MacBook Air starts with a 1.6Ghz Intel Core2Duo processors and these chips were specially built for Apple by Intel because Air needed a very low sized processor to save some space.

MacBook Air HDD Drive

Based on your buying budgets you can plan out on buying a 80Gb Pata HDD or else you can upgrade it to a 64Gb SSD which is a Solid State Drive with no moving parts. The display is of 13.3″ widescreen which is useful while watching movies or any programs and supports a 1280×800 pixels resolution and this size is normally enough for travellors who cannot take heavy laptops like my sony vaio series which are normally bulky ones when compared to Apple Mac’s.

MacBook Air Battery Life

Another very important advantage of these Air series is the battery life which is 5 Hours and this is seriously a pluspoint for buying them with a built-in iSight camera which is integrated in the center top of the display screen with a iChat software useful for video sharing and chatting.

Now lets discuss about the MacBook Air Pricing which starts from $1799+taxes and increases based on the upgradations and can go upto $3098+taxes which is normally a high price compared to other available laptops in the market based on the hardware configuration but well if you are looking for buying a MacBook Air just as a Status Symbol its well worth it because your laptop will make you feel different when you own it.

Lets wait and see for some reviews from Air users if they are able to connect Reliance netconnect on Apple macbook because in the older versions there has been several problems connecting to wireless internet connections.

Here are some Snaps of Apple MacBook Air
Apple MacBook Air Top Apple MacBook Air Black Apple MacBook Air Front Apple MacBook Air Pad Apple MacBook Air Side Top Apple MacBook Air Black Apple MacBook Air Silver Apple MacBook Air Black Apple MacBook Air Door Apple MacBook Air USB Apple MacBook Air Closed Apple MacBook Air Cord

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  1. This is really awesome… I want to buy this first… atleast first piece in INDIA i want to own… :D

  2. We hope Apple Macbook Air will arrive in India before 15th this month. I am also waiting for first stocks to arrive.

  3. abhay pratap singh yadav says:

    hi i just want ask that i have macbook
    and i want to connect my book to reliance net is it
    (basically right now i am using my net with bsnl internet connection its working great)
    take care
    amit bhavani

  4. Rabia Khan says:

    Hi i hav an Mac book Air and i was wondering if i can use reliance usb modem internet on it??
    nd which other modem internet work on it.
    I live in Hyderabad.

  5. I need pricing for apple laptops

  6. i have one apple macbook air and i mac ………………….this both apple computers really works gr8.well, its another thing that both are really costly but if you once own it you will not fell that this is too costly

  7. Hi i m from ranchi . I beg u to please povide me the complete information . How to get it from here

  8. Apple MacBook? I would like to get an Apple Macbook, but I don’t experience too much regarding it. My dad told me that it’s same like, a entirely tidings arrangement to relearm and so on. what are the pros and cons about acquiring an apple macbook? or any apple laptops

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