Toll Free Numbers
Are you offering any services or do you have an Online business where you sell products? Well its time for you guys to opt in for a Free Toll Free Number which can help your clients to contact your company for Free of cost and you can answer their queries and convert them in your business. There are many Indian toll-free numbers which are offered by multi national companies for their customers and these numbers always add up a brand value.

Toll Free Number Business

Toll Free LandlineYou can get a new Toll free number which would look similar to 000-800-100-xxxx (or) 866, 877, and 888 series. The numbers are basically dependent on the sells of these phone services. Some services are offered on the basis of phone number redirection and some are offered based on dedicated number services. In case of redirection services the toll-free number when dialed is redirected to your local number where you can accept the calls and the caller thinks that he has given you a call on the Toll-Free number.

The 800 Toll Free Vanity Numbers, 1 800 Service toll-free numbers can be bought in 2 ways :

  • Apply for a number from the online stores which normally charge you a set up fees and later based on minutes or monthly rental basis with limited minute in the plans. Most of these services come up with Instant Activation, Easy setup and Fax support features. Most of these service providers offer you detailed stats and call recording features for both local & international numbers.
  • Toll Free Numbers SystemApply for a Toll free number from Indian telecom providers like Airtel or BSNL which would normally be cost-effective and a better option because you would get itemized detailed bills on a monthly basis with local support in case of any setup/connection problems, the current services are chargeable from 6000Rs/month for a Airtel Toll free landline service and the call charges are ranging from 6Rs onwards per minute. The only problem with Airtel toll free is that the caller should also dial from a Airtel number in order to avail the free-calling facility. All your customers need to dial is 1-800-102-SALE and they are connected.

From the above options i am sure you can now quickly add up a Toll free number for your business which can help it grow and expand your services.

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