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A Web blog normally grows bigger and bigger and when you plan to Interlink the articles or some categories then it becomes harder atleast when this is done manually. There are few plugins like Tags Autolink which will scan all the tags on the blogs and whenever there are keywords with in the blog posts which match the tags then they are automatically linked but this stuff is limited originally to Tags System only and you cannot link to anything of your choice, be it a webpage, referral link, twitter profile page etc.

Internal Link BuildingCheck out SEO Smart Links | Download

This plugin once installed would display you with a option ‘SEO Smart Links’ under the ‘Settings’ tab of your Wordpress Admin. Here you will find a lot of options but i would recommend you to ignore all of these and just move towards the south to find a option where there is a big box to define the keywords and the links to them.

Custom Keywords
Here you can enter manually the extra keywords you want to automaticaly link. Use comma to seperate keywords and add target url at the end. Use a new line for new url and set of keywords. You can have these keywords link to any url, not only your site.

This way iam defining the plugin to find all the articles and link the mentioned keywords with the links given here. Iam using this plugin at – A Laptop Review Blog and automatically interlinking different categories within the blog posts for better results.

Now once the settings are saved and while you read a laptop review of Lenovo ThinkPad W700ds where in the keyword ‘lenovo’ would automatically link to the category since we had predefined it and this way we can easily interlink all the posts, categories, pages etc and display them on the posts and even on the comments.

If you are setting up Smart Links for External Links, then you have the following options – SEO Smart links can open external links in new window and add nofollow attribute. Based on your customizations you can set these up. Overall this is a awesome wordpress plugin which can solve a lot of problems and give your blog an excellent seo boost.

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  1. Indian Share Tips says:

    I am looking for a plugin for a blogger blog which can perform the similar function for my blog.

  2. Harsh Agrawal says:

    I’m using this plugin from long and it has become necessity for me to get rid of linking back to individual post everytime..
    Everytime I create a new post, it its keyword are important and chances are high to rank I Simple link that keyword and post..
    more over another good way is identify which keyword are on 2nd page of search engine and start linking them to bring them on the first :)

  3. Santosh Bhandarkar says:

    Be careful when you use single-word keywords to pass internal link juice. You may end up with too many “unintended” internal links. This plug in is really cool and takes the pain out of manually linking across pages with the right anchor text. You just need to plan the “keyword, URL” pairs, which you must do when you “SEO” a site. Also, for the target URL use some variations of the keywords also, making sure you do get more links from the target keyword (say 75% from target keyword and 25% from keyword variants). This should get you better results.

  4. Resale Centre says:

    Love this plugin, I recently installed the plugin and it helps perfectly with internal linking, and refreshing older posts with new links to other new posts that you have created. Definitely one of the best mods I have downloaded for WP!

  5. Thats a nice plugin. Can anyone please suggest a similar plugin for Blogger Blogs?

  6. hi,amit i just install this on my site and working great thanks for sharing.

  7. Amit, can you tell me howmy keywords we can define by using this plugin. I mean can we add around 4-5 thousand keywords and thier respective Urls using this free plugin. Or I should buy the premium plugin from the same guy.

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