Tagging in photo means adding the name of the person & linking to that person profile. This is very much used in Social networking sites like Orkut, Facebook, Hi5, Myspace & all. In all those social networks, photos in your profile are tagged with the person respective profile page. I just hate the manual tagging of Photos in social network site and its really time taking in Facebook and I was looking for the automatic tagging. Lucky enough I was able to find the Auto Tagger application in iTunes store.

iPhone app named Auto Tagger tags your friends Facebook Photos automatically when photos are taken from your iPhone. It avoids the use of manual tagging and thus saving time for everyone. The auto tagger app uses the face.com techonology to detect your friends faces.

Auto Tagger is a face recognition app for Apple iPhone intended to serve the purpose of tagging your Facebook friends automatically provided the photo has been taken from your iPhone. It works generally simple, if you are uploading any photos to your Facebook profile, this app automatically recognizes the face of your Facebook friends respectively and automatically recognizes the faces present in the photo with the corresponding Facebook Profile.

autotagger iphone app

Auto Tagger App Efficiency

Now then its fine that I have found the application but I was worried about the efficiency when I installed it. Surprise to me its efficiency is about 75 %- 80 %, i.e., it can detect about 80% of the photos perfectly. Now that’s a good result even though my photos are not that perfect. You can download the iPhone AutoTagger App at iTunes store.

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