Since the launch of Google Chrome it has been giving an nick to nick with other browsers in a race to be the best browsers and so far Google Chrome is succeed in doing that. Well this space is not about which is the best browsers but it explains the procedure on how to autofill your personal data.

You might certainly on Internet find many website, blog which you find helpful for you and you want to register with them but their long registration process might give you a second thought as filling out registration forms might be sometimes tidy to type. You can autofill frequently required data like your name, addresses, phone number etc., easily with a click. This feature is available in many browsers and browsers like Google Chrome has released its beta version (Google Chrome beta 6) with one of the new feature being Autofill.

Google is proud to launch Autofill feature for its browsers which was many designers and users need, much to awaits of all we have the feature now which will go live to general public in next version launch.

Setup Autofill in Google Chrome

To setup Autofill in Google Chrome you need to go to customize setting Options then proceed to Personal Stuff under which you will find Form Autofill.

Autofill on Google Chrome

Autofill on Google Chrome

With Autofill Options you can add address or Credit Card details. The address field will ask you to provide Full Name, Company name, Address line 1, Address line 2, City/Town, State, Zip Code, Country, Phone, Fax, Email. You can also enter your Credit Card details so that from next time when you are on to Chrome for some purchase you don’t need to remove your Credit Card and provide whole the details again.

Autofill Google Chrome

Once this data is saved you can autofill with a single click on any webpage which you open further in Google Chrome. You can provide multiple address or the multiple Credit Card and the option of choosing the suitable one accordingly will come when you are filling the forms.

Autofill is turned on by default. When you fill out a form, the browser will automatically detect if yours entering text matches with the information saved in your Autofill settings. If matches then a down menu appears below the field in which you are and it will show the matching entries. Once you select any entry from the multiple listed the entry will be highlighted and all the field matching will be automatically filled.

Here is how it helped me in filling First name, Last name and Email ID while registering for Google Gmail although I have one but taken it as an simple example how autofill in Chrome works.

Autofill Google Chrome

Still the above guide is not clear then we have a beautiful Video explaining you the concept.

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