Using Windows on your P.C has many advantages. One of these advantages is the access to a load of free software. At a time when viruses are being scripted in ultra-speed, it is only wise to counter the threats posed by these viruses and other Internet-based computer hackers using the best protection software available. The AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition is one all inclusive software that will safeguard your computer, as well as your personal information. It is available for personal use only and cannot be downloaded for enterprising purposes.

Free AntivirusThe AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition offers both antivirus and antispyware protection and can be downloaded from the Internet for free. It is compatible with all Windows platforms, from Ms Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows XP Pro x64 Edition and Windows Vista, to the latest Windows Vista x64 Edition. In order to install AVG Free Edition successfully, your computer should have a minimum of these specifications: 30 MB free space on the hard disc, 32 MB RAM memory and 133 MHz. Computers with higher configuration than this will automatically allow for the installation of AVG.

Installing AVG Free Edition is easy. There are two ways through which you can download this software. The first one is whereby you open the directory with the free edition installed in and run the SETUP.EXE file to activate it. The second way of doing it is by downloading the current installation file of AVG Free Edition from the Internet. You will have to run it so that it can start the installation process. It has different options; Add/Remove Components allows you to add, remove or reinstall the AVG Free Edition program. In this case you will select the add option because you want to install. The other options shown given are; Repair Installation, which repairs any damaged components of AVG Free Edition and reinstalls any that are missing and the Uninstall option, which you will click on when you want to remove the program from your computer.

Choose the latest edition of the AVG Free Edition when you want to install. The current update is AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition version 8.5. The latest updates usually include programs that may be missing in earlier editions and may also have solutions to resistant viruses that were difficult to eliminate using the versions released earlier. As with most anti-virus software, do not combine AVG Free Edition with a different type of anti-virus software as it is likely that the two programs main components will interfere with each other.

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