Backup Twitter Selected UsersMyTwebo is a excellent website which allows you to perform different tasks at one shot. You dont have to worry about the tweets you made nor the replies you received on your Twitter account, if in case your Twitter Account is banned because you can now backup them and save all the conversations in the form of a PDF File.

Features of MyTwebo :
100% FREE PDF backup of your favorite Tweets
COMBINE Tweets from multiple Twitter users into ONE PDF
FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE you choose which Tweets to backup!
UNLIMITED PDF backup of Tweets
FULLY SECURE Login with your own Twitter account. We don’t save your details!

To get started you need to click on the button available on the top right side of the website which says ‘Sign into Twitter’. Next you will find a application asking you access to connect to your account. Once you allow the authorization is completed and the webpage is reloaded to a list of all the followers and following users. You can next click on the user avatars or enter their Twitter ID to search and then select for Backup.

Next click on the Backup button, and the file would be generated after a time lag and this is because the site has to access all the tweets tweeted by the selected profiles. Once done you will get a PDF File for download with all the tweets listed in a perfect manner.

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