Finally the Bangalore Airport is opened 6 months after opening of Shamshabad International Airport [Shamshabad Route] after huge protests from the city residents and court cases. This new Devanahalli international airport is around 31 kms from the city limits and this is the main problem for the city residents to travel towards the city because the first problem would be to cross the high traffic city and then again travelling the under construction 31kms route towards the new airport which comes almost in the center of the bangalore and mysore city.

Bangalore Devanahalli Airport Route MapBangalore Devanahalli Airport Route Map

You need to make sure that if you are visiting this airport you know the kannada language because the route is on the outskirts of the city limits and you may not find everyone who would speak in English/ Hindi. The old HAL Airport which is completely closed now was congested because of the increasing number of air passengers and cheaper fares. Currently the route towards the Airport is build on the theme of a 6-lane carriage way in order to make sure the traffic can be maintained but since its currently in construction the passengers can expect lot of problems. The cities IT area ‘Electronic City’ where most techies stay are claiming that they would have to travel for around 3 hours in order to reach the Airport because of the distance and high traffic during peak hours.

Bangalore Internation Airport

The main problem claimed by BIAL is the closing of HAL Airport, but it seems thats not real because even in international locations the Airports are located on a range of 40-70kms from the city limits and excellent highway roads and express roadways are used to connect to the airports in order to make sure that the passengers reach the airports in the shortest time. The main problem in the Bangalore airport is the connectivity route which is under construction and this make the distance look huge when compared to the HAL Airport. The New Bengaluru International Airport is claimed to handle 12 million passengers every year when compared to the HAL’s capacity of just 2.5 million passengers which was later expanded to around 10 million passengers.

The New Airport has a total capacity of 42 parking bays and 8 Aerobridges in order to handle around 700 aircrafts movements every day. The new airport was build in a record time of just 36months with a public-private partnership till 2012 which consists of Unique Zurich Airport, Siemens Project Ventures and Larsen & Toubro (L&T) as private promoters, while Airport Authority of India (AAI) and Karnataka government as state-owned promoters.

Have you been to this new Airport? How was your experiance with? Do send me some photographs of this new airport snapped using your own camera or mobile phones.

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