One of the main concerns for anyone in a mobile phone would be the battery life and its usage. And for every phone, there are its own several ways to extend the battery life, and the way battery is used is different too. Samsung Galaxy S is indeed one of the best phones around with huge multimedia power, and the battery usage is high therefore.

To check the battery status and all the information about the battery of Samsung Galaxy S, follow this trick on your device. Go to PHONE and Press the following –

4636 basically means info in your keypad.
When you press that, it will automatically start the testing and information menu. There you would find 2 sections for the battery –

  • Battery Information
  • Battery History

The battery information section would share the information about the battery status whether its charging or not, whether the phone is plugged to the power adapter or not, battery consumption level, total battery scale, the battery voltage, temperature and the battery technology (which obviously is the Li-ion battery by Samsung).

Battery History Usage Battery History

The battery history includes the information about the usage of battery for various applications and services in the phone. Wifi, Screen on, running apps etc. but you can also find the info of CPU usage linked with the battery usage.
Through this menu, you would be able to find which app and function is draining the battery and you can decide which ones need to be stopped to extend the battery life.

Also, the battery history is shown since last plugged, or total since boot or total in all time. CPU usage, Network usage, GPS usage, Sensor usage, Partial wake usage, Other usage is the list of all things that are displayed.

Battery Phone Info Battery Info

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