Cydia is an application that lets you install 3rd party apps which you are not installing from the official App store of Apple. And Cydia gets installed only when you jailbreak your iPhone. i.e. you need to use tools such as redsn0w, yellowsnow, pwnagetool, quickpwn, snowbreeze etc. to jailbreak the iPhone or iPod touch or iPad. Now, after you install Cydia, you will be shown thousands of amazing applications which you can download and install. For making things easier, here is as list of the best apps you can download for your iPhone through Cydia –

  • Buzzer – This is an app for those music lovers, who can guess the music and lyrics, and play to show their knowledge in music against a friend. This is a 2 player game with split screen. Put the phone in between 2 players sitting beside each other, and start the game. It plays some music, that is chosen from your playlist. Recognize the song and select which it was, before your friend does. It includes 6 different music rounds. Simple and neat game app.
  • Search – An application that helps you search through multiple locations at a time. It helps you search for a phrase in Mails, SMS, Notes and Contacts at the same time. And when the phrase is located in any of those apps, it is highlighted to make your search easier. One more impressive feature of this app is the user interface it provides. It looks pretty neat, and works well too.
    Search Cydia App Search Cydia App
  • Podcaster – This is a Cydia app that would help you maintain a list of podcasts in your iPhone or iPod touch, by grabbing them from your iTunes podcast library. Just select the ones you need, and download, play.
  • MobileCast – This app helps you download any podcasts on the air. i.e. you won’t need to have them on the iTunes.
  • iGuess – This is a quick game where you need to guess a few numbers and you will be shown a message if you are near the exact number or not. A complete game based on guesses only. A simple application with option to submit scores online and compete with other players.
    iGuess Cydia App iGuess Cydia App
  • Smoog – A very sleek and sharp looking theme for the iPhone, which you set through WinterBoard. This is a fully studded theme which is fully customized with over 130 stunning icons, icons, wallpapers, status bar, sliders, badge, sms balloons and dock. There is a special zone in the folder “Extra” where you would be finding various goodies for your theme.
  • Gradiance v3 SBS – This is another Winterboard theme for iPhone, that is created by Misecia and which is made to match the original Gradiance v3 theme, which is a paid one.
  • BlackJainDim – Its a theme which is made to contrast to the PlainJainDim and that resembles it but has the facility provides you the options to have brighter and lighter backgrounds. It comes from Summerboard.

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