Internet Mobile PhonesInternet, perhaps, is the best thing that has become an essential part of the life of every person. It doesn’t matter as which profession you are associated with as you will have to resort to internet for your most basic needs. It is because of this urgency that some proficient people have put internet on your palms. Mobile phones are the protagonist in providing you the feature of internet browsing. Although, there are lot of mobiles which come with this very facility, but, some of the most important and most effective are Nokia N95, Apple iPhone, Asus P535.

Nokia N95 Internet PhoneFirst of all, it’s better to talk about Nokia N95 as Nokia is really making a mark in the field of internet browsing. It is the phone which is equipped with all latest features, but, when it comes to connectivity, it’s far better than any of its counterpart. GSM & HSDPA are the reasons that make it a best internet phone. You can easily view the complete HTML pages on your N95. Using the WiFi technology, it provides you optimum speed to explore and share on internet. Also, EDGE is available to cater your basic exploring and emailing needs. Connection to an external display is an amazing feature that really makes browsing more attractive and interesting. The only concern is that some users in US have complained about the wireless connectivity, other than this, its all well.

Apple iPhone Internet PhoneOn the other hand, iPhone is quite amazing with other features that it has. However, when you talk about Apple Inc, you must expect something extra and better at the same time. That’s what you can find in iPhone as it really surpasses other internet enabled devices. 3G wireless technology provides you the best speed to spend some quality time over internet. iPhone is sharp as tack, especially, when it comes to surfing internet as it just finds the nearest hotspot. Surfing net on your iPhone is all about your fingers as it is a touch phone and it lets you handle all the things with just few finger flicks as you can zoom or delete your email messages without much ado. Last but certainly not the least; Safari Browser is something that really lifts its overall standard and class.

Asus P535 Internet PhoneNow, moving out to Asus P535, where internet is again the catchphrase. WiFi 802.11b/g is the thing that makes life easy for internet users over Asus P535. This PDA phone really worth its price, however, when it comes to comparing the utility and services with aforementioned phones, it just stays below par. The reason is that there is no EDGE technology which makes it better to use internet with ease.

As a whole, each of these phones is certainly a gem in its own way. However, comparing them can really be difficult thing as there are some features in one phone that really makes it better than the other one. Nevertheless, all of these phones can really give you an excellent surfing experience.

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