Data Backup is very important in todays world because the data stored on your computer is very important and its very hard to recover it in case of corrupted files which may be formed due to bad clusters in your FAT/NTFS File system

Backup Data Online Tools

There are several services available which can offer you with automatic data backup options and offer you to restore in case of HDD Crashes. Here is a list of different data backup services :

  • Mozy Data : A Company which offers Online Backup, Data Backup & Remote Backup Solutions. Mozy offers three types of membership plans named MozyHome, MozyPro & MozyEnterprise. MozyHome service comes at 4.95$/month for security your data during hard drive crash, virus attack and makes a backup of almost every important file, photos, music, outlook files at a secured remote location. You just need to signup with MozyHome user account and you will be offered with a download copy of their software and once installed you will be asked to select the files you want to backup and it automatically backup’s your data based on the schedules you setup. Mozy after first complete backup it just backup’s the changed files and this way the updations are done quickly on the remote servers.MozyPro is another service which is for business with huge data and optimized upload limits based on upload speeds, schedules, incremental backups and all those features which are suitable for organizations. The third type of service MozyEnterprise is for organizations who need instant support via phone, auto activations etc.
  • Data Deposit BoxDataDepositBox is a instant online backup service which works on incremental file change system, ie whenever there is a change in your files/information a update in made on a secured server. The service is charged on Databased which is 2$/GB and you just need to signup, download the software, select the files/folders to protect and get your data backup automatically. You can restore any lose files from your backup within seconds and backup as many computers you have in your network. You can also use this service is sharing files and folders with password protected links.
  • iBackup Data BackupiBackup is another ultimate online storage and backup service which is available on data basis and the pricing starts from 9.95USD for 10GB Storage Space with different types of plans based on customers requirements like Economy Plans, Enhanced Backup Plans & Workgroup Subscription Plans. Scheduled data backup’s and Drag & drop facility for Mac users. You can access all your files using any web browser and get a email or desktop notification whenever your backup is updated. The company not only offers this service to windows users but also extends their services for Mac, Drive, Multimedia Drive, WebFolders, SQL Server Backups and lot more.

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