Apple iPhones are now available in the Indian markets both in online and offline stores. Though the unlocked iphones are sold in india brought in via illegal means and sold at double the prices which is around 30000 INR. previously there were some rumours that Wipro and HCL technologies would legally sell the handsets in India soon.

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Apple iPhone IndiaIf you are looking to buy a unlocked iphone in india then you can check out the Palika bazaar in new delhi, heera panna shopping complex in mumbai or abids in hyderabad where handsets are imported from US and are unlocked by making some hardware changes.

Features : Though the pricing seems to be very expensive because some online stores are selling iphones at 32,500 INR [ pricing] which incudes the 8Gb version of unlocked iphone , software unlocked and not hardware unlocked, limited features because they would normally work based on the network carriers with firmware version of 1.1.1 / 1.1.2. Currently these models are supporting all Indian GSM network providers like BSNL, Airtel, Hutch, Idea & MTNL.

Iphone Sucks ProblemsLimitations : Since these iphone are unlocked most of the features are limited and the mobile phones battery longs for just 6 hours with no video shooting option. The in-built bluetooth feature does not work and is disabled. No SMS-Forwarding feature where in you cannot send a SMS to another contact of yours. There is no option to read your SIM contacts. You cannot transfer data to another mobile phone via bluetooth because of the bluetooth limitation.

There are many problems with the iphones which are being reported by the iPhone users and we can currently recommend you guys to stay away from it unless the legal version is available in India and you can get a completely features working iPhone. If you are looking for a cheaper option of owning a iphone then you can ask someone in your contact who might be coming from US to bring a new handset and get it unlocked with the available 3rd party softwares.The Latest boot loader 4.6 Iphone which has firmware v1.1.2 cannot be software unlocked.Hackers are waiting for the release of v1.1.3 so as to get the bootloader seczone and possibly will be able to software unlock iphone, but now it can be unlocked using stealthsim, turbosim perfectly.

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