Block History Location URL Restore Old Address Bar Style in Firefox 3

The new firefox3 browser features a special address bar where in results are auto filled from your history, which means that the url are auto filled in the address bar as you type in the URL name. It also adds up the title of these respective URL which can sometime become annoying because you would like to directly visit some website using the address bar, rather than getting tonnes of useless suggestions from the history.

Firefox3 Address Bar AutoFill

Now if you are someone who think that the older version was neat which was just simple links in the address bar then you need to either install a firefox add-on which can restore you the older version of your address bar style or else make some changes in the browser.

Firefox Address Bar

Old Bar Firefox Addon : A Excellent firefox addon which restores your browser’s address bar to the older style.

Another tweak is to reduce the number of results in the address bar by typing Firefox about Config and then selecting option ‘browser.urlbar.maxRichResults’ and in the filter field changing the option to 5/10 based on your requirement to show the minimum amount of results from browser history. Steps for the same :

1. Enter about:config in the location bar to access the advanced preferences. Confirm you want to access them.
2. Enter browser.urlbar.maxRichResults in the Filter field to reach this preference.
3. Double click on it and change it to the number of items you want to see in the autocomplete menu. I have set it to 5.

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  1. Rockstar Sid says:

    Thanks,i thought there is no other way!! But how do i revert the changes ?

  2. Rockstar Sid says:

    Ah got it.. Supercool!

  3. Amit Bhawani says:

    If you are worried about my manual limited changes, just download the add on which i posted in the above post and iam sure it would work out perfectly. Give a try and post a review!

  4. Rockstar Sid says:

    Works perfect.. Wonderful addon!

  5. Hi

    nice site. But my problem is that none of my old often visited urls are auto filled in the address bar

    ie now that I’ve downloaded FF3

    I tried your Old Bar Firefox Addon but that doesn’t seem to make a difference

    I’d really appreciate any ideas.

    thanks ed

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