iPad bluetooth keyboardHave you ever dreamt of converting your I pad into a Laptop with a Bluetooth keyboard embedded with leather pouch, seems a dream right, but no the dream has just turned into a reality, all thanks to Japan’s “Thanko”!

IPAD now will now more look like a transformed leather notebook case equipped with a swanky USB Bluetooth keyboard which can be used for about 90 hours after full recharge which can be achieved just in 3 hours. If you are thinking that Apple has developed this USB Bluetooth keyboard then you are mistaken as this keyboard is built by a Japanese company “Thanko”. This keyboard not only makes work simpler but also gives a rich feel and look with a leather finish which exactly docks and accommodated the I PAD.

This I Pad is a wireless keyboard with built-in leather case to put together the I Pad installed, it becomes possible to use I pad almost like a laptop. This built-in leather case for I Pad is also used to protect from dust and scratches to I Pad!

The dimensions of this leather case is approximately 247 X 197 X 27 mm and weighs 585 grams and boasts Bluetooth version 2.0 and can communicate with the device within the range of 10 meters. The material with which it’s made is with silicon which is highly durable.

Don’t worry, since it’s a Japanese company the cost won’t trouble you a lot as this Blue tooth USB keyboard will cost you just Rs. 8,980 Yen which comes close to approximately Rs. 4,800 after conversion in to Indian Rupees. The warranty of this product is 6 months. Its still not confirmed about its availability in India but seeing its intensive popularity right from the day 1 of the launch its sure to knock some Indian doors very soon.

i pad bluetooth keyboard

i pad bluetooth keyboard

i pad bluetooth keyboardi pad bluetooth keyboard

i pad bluetooth keyboard

After reading this I’m sure many people will say “Thank u” to Japanese firm “Thanko”.

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