Question : I have a D-Link 2640T Wireless Router at my Home which i use to connect with my Desktop Computer through the DLink Wireless G USB Adapter. Also when i use my Laptop at Home, the same Wireless Router is used to access the Internet. Now the only problem which i have with my connection is that if move in the area which is around 2-3 rooms from the place where the Wireless Internet Router is setup, the connection gets disconnected with almost no signal or weak signal. Hence iam left with a option to either use a Wireless Data Card like Reliance Netconnect. Is there any better alternative for me using which i can Increase the Signal of my Router so that it can connect to larger area along with higher speed in the form of stronger signals. – Question by Max

Wireless Router Connectivity

Solution : First of all we would recommend you to go for a stronger wireless router which can offer you a higher connectivity range to connect all your devices easily but well again that would cost you an amount in the range of 150-250$ because thats the minimum amount of money you need to spend when you are planning to upgrade the routers hardware. Some of these budget recommended router models would be Dlink DI-624, Linksys WRT300N, Netgear WGR-614, Belkin N1 (F5D8230-4), Linksys WRT54G etc. You just need to buy any of these 802.11g or 802.11n routers, connect them to your Broadband Modems and the other end to your computer through the LAN Port with a Ethernet Cable.

The basic difference between both the Wireless N & Wireless G Routers is the Cost and the Speeds they offer. The Wireless N Routers would cost you a lot more money but would allow you to have higher speeds for data transfer along with stronger signal strength, on the other hand the Wireless G 802.11g routers are low costing budget routers, which offer optimal performance. Most of these routers have a limited area connectivity and this also reduces when you place the router in a room and try to access it from another rooms because the walls would decrease the signal strength.

Wireless Router Network Setup

Hence, to fix this low connectivity issue you need to place your router at a location which is almost at the central area of your home or office, because this will enable the signal to be spread everywhere. The more the distance between the wireless router and the Laptop increase, the more the signal weakens and you may even loose connectivity. This is also applicable if you are trying to connect between different floors in the same building, where in setting it up near the window is recommended.

Wireless Repeater : The first thing you can try to install at your home is to setup a wireless repeater which is a wireless device signal booster which is placed at a location which is in the middle location of a wireless router and the computer, say extending the signal power. This does not mean that you can place the repeater device at a further location because that would again weaken the overall signals. It should be placed almost in the middle of the current location between the wireless device and your Laptop to make sure that the signal is strong. D-Link’s DWL-G800AP offers data transfer speeds with a maximum wireless signal rate of up to 54Mbps.

Wireless Repeater

Strong Antennas : Another solution would be setting up strong and better antennas at your workplace which will boost the signals which are sent from the Wireless Router to your computer. A directional or larger anternna would give a stronger and clearer signal when compared to the other options because this includes a bigger antenna which can overcome your connection problems. The setup would be quite confusing and hard but once done this increases the range of wireless signals.

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