BSNL Stops EVDO Unlimited CDMA 2000 1X Internet

Remember the super high speed wireless internet services offered by BSNL broadband named as BSNL EVDO which was also had cheap tariff plans when compared with other competitors who also provided same kind of services like Reliance Evdo. Recently when i sentmy staff to get a new EVDO connection there was a continious message that the USB devices were not in stock and we need to wait before the applications can be taken.

Lets first discuss on how you can apply for this – First of all you need to get a ‘Application for Data Services on CDMA 2000 1X’ from the BSNL office along with your address proof and a Cash or Demand Draft payment of 3500Rs towards the USB modem which is a one time fees for the modem, after which you need to pay 550Rs/month for unlimited monthly bandwidth usage all over India with very good connectivity in small towns and cities too.

Sad Girl on Computer

Once you make the payment you are given a Order Number which you need to give it to the BSNL Zonal or Area Office and get the Modem 24 hours after the payment was made. The Data card is activated 24-48 hours after this period and your connection is activated. The BSNL staff kept waiting us for over a fortnight after which i finally thought to give a visit and i gave them all my other BSNL connection details and the requirements of this Data Card which is very urgent for me.

They told me to make the 3500Rs payment at their main billing office and bring the reciept for Order Number, once visiting the main office i was told that the service is discontinued from April 1st because the License is deactivated and they are not allowed to issue new connections. Damn, these guys first delay the customers saying the stock is not available and then later say that the service is cancelled without any reason.

Are you a BSNL Evdo customer, hows your experiance with it? Contacted Hyderabad – Lb Nagar, Kottapet & Dilsukhnagar offices.

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  1. Ajoy Banik says:

    Dear Sir
    I would like to request you that I want a driver of Huawai mobile connect EC321 data card. I have lost my original driver CD. That’s why I request u once.
    Thank You

  2. Amitabh Banik says:

    very poor service in guwahati, assam. on enquiry officials said it is due to over load in the region.. ridiculous, they are not even bothered of increasing the number of BTS tower where it is overloaded, instead they areissuing more new connections.

  3. Dayaarm Vishnoi says:

    I am using BSNL DATA CARD EV DO AC8700 800M CDMA 2000 1X but it’s speed is very poor, so please reply me anyone that any software is available which can speedup it’s. plz reply me on my mail id :

    • narumanchianji says:

      1. bsnl website has its own evdo driver which you can download and install. amitabh should be able to provide the link.

      2.there is no other software that can speed up if:

      3.the signal you receive is less than 3 lines. though still works at low speeds for 2lines of signal

      5.the maximum signal is 4 lines.

      6. try different positions and locations which give maximum signal is a cdma device and bsnl does not seem to be inclined to add additional towers to boost signal because it wants to commercially push the broadband lan which has a comparitively stable performance, but at very high cost.

      8. but as of noe bsnl evdo with truely unlimited download/surfing is unbeatable, for just 750 per month.

  4. we cant access bsnl cdma2000 IX wireless usb modem… when we dial it shows remote access denied.. can u help me reagrading this

    • Just plaug in ur Data card in to the CPU and then auto run winsdown will appear then click install driver option and then click on advance option and after brouws option show the location of install fill(Software) exa. C/Programefile/U100/ and click ok. after u can access ur USB port.

  5. sail;ajah says:

    hi, guys. its very easy for handle .also unlimitted.

  6. narumanchianji says:

    pavanraj, your query/problem is not clearly understood.
    1. have you installed the bsnl driver in your computer.
    2.have you properly connected the evdo to usb port. the usb port working ok if you connect other devices like pen drive.
    4.have you entered the correct evdo number prefexing your station std code . for example if your evdo number is say 12345678 and your station std code is 012, you should enter the number as 1212345678. i.e. the first 0 of your std code is not to be entered. in the password also nter the same like 1212345678 and save the entry.
    5. check the signal level. if it is atleast 2 lines your evdo will start functioning o.k.
    6. if however, even when you click on evdo icon if it is not reopening, then the problem is different and is with your o.s.
    7. please note that you should download the correct driver corresponding to your o.s.

  7. I lost setup cd of bsnl cdma2000 1x usb modem for windows7

    can anyone help me please its urgent

    • i have also tha same modem ,i tried several times in my Windows 7 ,but i failed ,
      please help me..

      • hi jones & brundesh
        go to the nearest bsnl customer care & they will gv u a software .just install it for ur windows 7 and it will work…….

  8. Arvind S says:

    hey! I’ve been using bsnl evdo AC8700 800M from quite some time and believe me, am having nightmares with the signals and speed. Most of the time the signal is very low and since I have unlimited download plan, the speed is horrible. But the signals are quite good in some places and yet again, the speed remains the same. I was wondering, if this modem actually works on cdma technology, how come am having problems with signals because as far as I know, cdma tech is much superior than gsm. is there any kind of device that can increase signal strength, like an amplifier in radio?

  9. Jajabor says:

    Oh! its disgusting ! I am using BSNL CDMA 1X … beginning it was not bad, but recently the speed goes down so miserably. I have complained to The GMTD Shillong and local BSNL authority , but thats in vain, the condition is as it is. Should I go to the Court for the justice?

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