Seems like tomorrow is the opening of the Worlds Tallest Building – Burj Dubai. Here is a video i found on youtube which gives you a complete view from the top of it and which is seriously amazing

Burj Dubai is the tallest man-made structure ever built, with height of 818 mts and is being constructed since 2004. The occupancy and completion of everything is predicted tomorrow i.e. January 4th, 2010. The Burj Dubai is a part of Downtown Burj Dubai flagship development, with a budget of $4.1 billion for the skyscraper itself, while entire project of township with 2 being built with a budget of $20 billion.
The completion of exterior of the building was dated 1st October, 2009 and since then all the work on interior development and occupancy plans have been going on. It carries many records under its name, some of them are –
World’s fastest elevators at 64 km/hr
Tallest structure ever built, and freestanding
Highest elevators ever installed
Worlds highest installation of an aluminium and glass fa├žade, at a height of 512 metres
Highest number of floors in a building – 160, breaking 110 of World Trade Center buildings

The building is including residential areas, best quality hotels, corporate suites, sky lobbies, mechanical floors and restaurants. Its a small city in one of the best cities in the world. Around 7500 trained and skilled employees have been working on the construction of this tall skyscraper.

Burj Dubai Pictures Gallery :

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