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Business Learning Seminar

If you would have noticed i have been not able to update my blog from the past few days and have been on a very busy schedule for this month of December because we are setting up some new business and ideas along with Targets for the next year 2010. Anyway back to this topic on the 18th of this month i had a meeting at Pragati Resorts[Hyderabad] with Prof Sudhaker Lahade who was referred to me by my Uncle – Mr Ravi Patel and in fact the meeting was seriously excellent because we could know more about each other, find out the stuff which can be used in common, can also be treated as exchange of services.

There was a 360° Business Learning Seminar at Indore at University Auditorium – Khandwa Road, Indore on 19, 20th of December 2009 Organized by ‘Shree Akhil Bharatiya Kutch Kadva Patidar Yuvasangh’ which organizes many events around India for our Patel Community. The event was very much professionally handled and managed and to be frank this was quite the first time i found a Business Community which mainly deals in the Timber Industry would think about other Business Ideas and would even Organize this kind of Seminar. It was going to offer Business Ideas, Motivational Skills, Income Tax & Business Planning etc. Prof Sudhaker Lahade was listed under the speaker profile on the topic of Human Potential & Human Behaviors along with Personal Development. I personal have a single issue in my life which is ‘Stage Fear’ and this is something which Prof. Sudhaker Lahade guaranteed that he could make sure that i can overcome that along with a small presentation on the stage. The sessions started with Santosh Nair who is a Motivation Guru followed by Mr Sudhaker.

Santosh Nair : Mr Santosh Nair is claimed to be Asia’s best motivational and inspirational guru who inspires his audience. He offers client’s with productive performance and implementation of knowledge which can help them in setting up goals and achieving them. Overall his session was good because Santosh Nair did have a lot of positive approach on the stage and because of his aggressive speech he did get a good buzz.

Prof. Sudhaker Lahade : Mr. Sudhaker Lahade is an NRI based at Michigan USA. He is actually from mumbai and was a professor at Raheja College, Mumbai and he did M.Des from IIT,Powai. He is now in research, his main field of research is Human Behaviour which includes touring many countries like India, China, UK & Malaysia. He has visited many Fortune 500 Companies and have done research on them and he is a Life Transformation Professional who believes in the aligning of conscious and subconscious minds for achieving success.

His presentation was awesome and at the middle of it, he started discussing about different ways of making money which is more essential to Business Audience and at this moment he introduced me to the whole public along with some statistics which was a hit. I went on the stage and with a bit of hesitation answered the questions i was asked, following which after the event i was offered with many offers from different business guys who wanted to promote their Business Online and this did give me a idea on how to present yourself on the Stage and i can say that i have almost overcome my public stage fear issues, so overall this event did change my life and way i present before others. Hopefully because of this the targets for the year 2010 would be changing and i will have to accomplish some new goals too.

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