SEO or Search Engine Optimization and IP or Internet Protocol addresses relate to each other. Search Engine sites such as Google, Bing and Yahoo decide where your websites rank based on an algorithm that they keep very private. The more people that see your site, the better. One way to do this is to obtain a high ranking on a search engine. Studies have shown that most people searching for a subject rarely go beyond the first page. So, your goal is to get your website listed on the first page if possible when your subject of your website is researched.

Companies with networks and web sites that are not very numerous use Class C IP addresses. The other classes, A and B, cost more and you have a larger selection of host sites with Class C networks. The Class C option fits best for the demands of the small user. Read more about Classes of IP Addresses.

Since Class C IP addresses allow multiple host sites or web sites to relate back to the same network, the question is how do search engines look at these combination’s. There are two ways. The search engine could look at the websites as separate, or it could look at the network as a single unit. Looking at this system as a single unit only gives the host credit for user activity, and the individual web sites do not receive any credit for their individual activity. This could make your web sites seem to have zero hits when in fact they might be very popular.

The other way a search engine could view your network is by only counting the hits each web site or host receives. This increases the hits recorded by the search engine and should elevate your ranking on the search engine.

Since we don’t really know how the search engine ranks its searches, it is really not possible to know which is true. Many people swear by both ways. If you believe in assuring your web site is noted for its hits, you can purchase a separate Class C IP for each web site that you host.

Your web site will be the only one to use this IP. These can be expensive to set up for each web site, even approaching hundreds of dollars a month. Many of these need to be set up by a technician from the site selling these IP addresses. If you use multiple sites you also run the risk of hitting an IP that is near other web sites that are “bad.” If the IP operator shuts down sites close to yours, you might have your site put out to pasture as well.

A site with a variable network IP that will let you have multiple web sites usually costs only a few dollars a month to operate. This is usually a much cheaper option. Will paying for individual static networks increase your hits? You will have to experiment with this based on your web site usage and what your goals are. You can try static IP addresses out one at a time.

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