How to Capture, Record and Save Audio Streams

With the internet rapidly becoming an integral part of our lives, new technologies are coming up and revolutionizing the way we can utilize it to suit our operations. For instance, audio recording was an activity that until recently you could have done using cumbersome apparatus, and manually at that. But at present you can be able to capture record or save audio streaming from the web in simple steps as long as you understand the simple basics required.

You can record web radio as well as other online audio resources. The very first step is that you need to have the required software to aid you in the whole process. There are several types of recording software available depending on the format that you want to record and save your audio files in. probably the most common of these is Windows Media Recorder 12. It can record any Windows Media audio in formats like WMA, WMX, WMV, and ASF among others.

Windows Media RecorderWindows Media Recorder is easy to use as all you need to do is click the record button just like in your good old VCR or tape recorder, and the stream that you need is automatically saved in your PC. What’s more you can edit, split or even merge your recorded stuff. Once you download the audio file you want to record, the recorder will take you through the step by step process by just clicking and when you are through, you can convert it to the type of file format that you want to save it in.

Other software that you can use to capture audio streams include Free Corder, Replay AV, Replay Music, Super MP3 Recorder Pro, I-Sound WMA among an array of others by different companies. The common thread that runs through them all is that once you download, there are free tutorials and manual like guidelines to help you through with your capturing and saving. There are some that allow you to edit before you even save in your preferred format. And you can replay that audio stream whenever you wish, like that famous Barack Obama inauguration speech.

But in choosing the type of software to use, you have to be extremely cautious of some free software peddled on the internet as some of it may be malware. And equally important, you have to confirm the compatibility of the software with your PC or the convertibility of the audio streams into formats that you can easily use.

Once you are set, radio, MP3s, Skype calls, podcasts and other online audio resources are at your disposal. And though most software have drop down menu to guide you through, you also need to be adept at using them effectively.

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