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Yuva Sangh

If you would have noticed i have been not able to update my blog from the past few days and have been on a very busy schedule for this month of December because we are setting up some new business and ideas along with Targets for the next year 2010. Anyway back to this topic […]

UniNor GSM Service Prepaid Plans & Call Tariff


A new telecom service provider has entered this competitive market which is already fighting with 1 paisa billing and other price fights. This is a Joint Venture between Telenor Group & Unitech Group which deals in Real Estate Business called as Uninor. The company is totally new and was majorly launched on 3rd Dec 2009 […]

Change Mobile Operator with Mobile Number Portability (MNP)

If you are not happy with your current Mobile Phone operator because of Billing Issues, Signal Problems, Call Drops or any other issues you don’t have to worry now because the TRAI [Telecom Regulatory Authority of India] has now offered a new scheme under which you can switch your operator at a cost of just […]

Big Shoe Bazaar Online Store Review

Original Story : I don’t normally talk bad about companies because i do accept the fact that there are times when corporate business get problems and they have to handle these situations but if someone is doing the same mistake again and again isn’t it considered as a planned fraud? Iam talking about a Online […]

List of Income Tax Deductions

Tax deduction information can be found in the following website We have also written few articles on Income Tax Exemptions, How to Save Tax, e filing & Income Tax Rates Here is the list of what is written in the government website, in every day simple language. Tax deduction can be filed for special […]

How to Save Income Tax in India

How to save income tax in India is a question asked by all tax payers. It means reducing the income tax amount a person pays while filing his tax returns. Income tax act section 139 states that it is mandatory for all individuals who earn above the prescribed maximum to pay tax and file for […]

What is Suvidha Scheme and its Use

The Government of India‚Äôs Income Tax department has introduced the SUVIDHA scheme during June2002. It is basically filing the salary returns by the employers in bulk for all of its employees. The Income tax department will process the returns submitted by suvidha scheme on a priority basis. An employer who has 50 employees in his […]

What are Indian Income Tax Exemptions?

There are many exemptions to the payment of tax according to Income Tax Act 1961, by proving with evidence i.e. by submitting documents which specifies how the income was obtained to the income tax department at the time when tax return is filed will ensure exemption if the specified conditions are met. Tax exemptions are […]

How to E file Income Tax Returns in India

Government of India has started e filing of income tax and Fringe Benefit tax returns since 2007.With just a few clicks you can file your tax returns online anytime of the day without any hassle of going to income tax office. Without having to spend too much time and very conveniently the e filing can […]