HTML5 vs Adobe Flash

HTML5 and Flash have been in the news and online in blogs as related to the iPad by Apple. There are some concerns that Apple’s new iPad doesn’t have Adobe Flash on it. Apple says flash is unreliable, that it’s not secure, has low-performance, drains battery life, and doesn’t keep up with improvements. Use of […]

Html5 vs Silverlight

While there have been many exciting advances in the world of web page development, the promise held out by HTML5 to create a uniform development language and cut down on expensive custom programming could be one of the best steps forward. But what does this mean for Microsoft’s Silverlight? Like many of their innovations, Microsoft […]

HTML5 vs HTML4 Tags & Elements Comparison

Years back the first computer language i learnt by reading a book and practicing on my computer was the HTML. The awesome book which i still own is called as the ‘Black Book of HTML’ a recommended publication for anyone who has just started learning about the computers and programming because this is something which […]

6 Smart Ways of Managing Information Overload

With growing resources of information, such as newspapers, magazines, TV, web etc. it sometimes becomes difficult to manage the large amount of information that we are bombarded with. No matter what profession you are in, you must have faced the seriousness of this issue, though it is tougher for a blogger. You find something interesting […]

Access Website before Dns Propagation with Hosts File

How Internet Works

There would be many different reasons because of which you would plan to change your Web Hosting company, most of the cases in which it would be regular downtimes, server configuration issues, upgradation requirements, need for higher bandwidth of space, need for a VPS or may be any other issue. While transferring a blog or […]

Setup D-Link Wireless Router & Secure Connection

D-Link DI-524 Web Configuration

Hello Amit, I have a BSNL Broadband Connection at my Home with 512Kbps Plan, along with this i have a Laptop & a Desktop Computer. I need to make sure that both of these computers should be able to access the Internet Connection and along with this no one else should be able to connect […]

How to Find a suitable Printer of your requirements

With so many printers available in the market with different brands with different purposes and so many printer launched for a variety of applications and requirements, you have a choice to choose printer of your needs. However with lots of printer models availability in the market its really difficult to find a printer which perfectly […]

Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-600 Review

Nowadays, people would like to bring a number of things in just one package. This is the reason why people would like to bring ebooks than bringing several numbers of books that people can read outdoors. Hence, there is also an increase in getting ebook readers like Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-600 for all their […]

Kindle DX Review and Comparison with Kindle 2

Many people are into ebooks today. This is because it would let them enjoy as many books as possible without getting all the clutters obtained from getting too many books. However, these ebooks cannot be read without an ebook reader. With this, there is an increased number of ebook readers like Kindle DX produced in […]